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Unusual: the decor in pieces

Unusual: the decor in pieces

Usually when the objects are in pieces we throw them away! But now designers have decided to tear the decor down to give it a graphic and original style. Discover this trend in pictures.

Plates in pieces

Not without reason On these plates, the patterns are not identical because each presents a piece of composition that we find by putting the plates together as if it were a puzzle.

A destructured vase

Muuto This funny vase seems to be made using several pieces of dishes like bowls, cups and other containers. And even if everything seems to be unstackable, it is not the case because it is indeed one piece.

A decomposing vase

Kraft Decoline Conversely, this vase is not really one since it breaks down to create a very decorative dish service whose different sizes and curves create the vase once the dishes are stacked.

Several suspensions

Homology For lighting, some people will not be satisfied with a single pendant light but will rather opt for a model which presents a multitude of small balls of light like this model which creates a poetic and airy light.

A faceted mirror

Table side Difficult to see yourself entirely in this mirror because it is made of small facets that we have assembled but the whole is very decorative and graphic to give style to your walls.

A multi-part vase

C What This question mark vase is not made up of a single module but of different small vases that you can move as you wish.

A piece of plate

Atypyk Who said you should serve the slices of pie or pizza on a plate? We can quite opt for a piece of dishes that takes the form of the share.