Discover the Christmas collection from Fly

Discover the Christmas collection from Fly

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At Christmas we also savor the decor. Everything is very delicate, the colors are warm and poetic. It's all about the theme of Christmas magic, from decorative balls to candle jars to lighting. To bring this atmosphere to your home, the editor presents the Christmas collection from Fly!

A pretty Christmas table

Fly In this very minimalist and design atmosphere, we play with materials! The transparent plastic of the chairs goes very well with the synthetic fur on the floor and the cracked candlesticks.

A snow-white Christmas meal

Fly A superb Christmas table contributes mainly to the cheerfulness of the meal. Nothing is more appetizing than dining on a table made up of small decorations of all kinds. A fur table runner, perforated tealight holders, breadcrumbs and plain white tableware, and voila.

Chalet atmosphere in the mountains for Christmas

Fly Here, wood dominates the floor and ceiling furniture for a very successful chalet atmosphere! As for the light, it brings the little warmer that was missing from the decor.

A star Christmas

Fly No detail is left out on this Christmas table. With a trio of tones, black, white and copper, we are witnessing a very beautiful fairytale table. Eyes full of stars !

Light for Christmas

Fly With candles, garlands and other bright trees, the house lights up for the holidays. We do not hesitate here to mix the different shapes, the round of the light, the rectangle of the lantern, the oval of the candles and the stars.

Staging a festive meal

Fly The black and white base is very baroque but we added a golden touch to add a festive side. Stopping at these three colors is perfect, you shouldn't overdo it.

A decoration that makes your mouth water

Fly Transparency is perfect for highlighting all the little Christmas treats. Add to that a refined decoration, and here is a most appetizing result!

Christmas in the mountains

Fly Mix rustic and design, we love it! The rough wooden slat walls accompany a glass table and black chairs. And to amplify the Christmas decor, hang branches of ferns and red and black balls on the ceiling. Traditional and contemporary, we love it!

Christmas in the forest

Fly Winter in two words, it is a fir tree and a forest animal. Here, we are in the theme to the maximum. Hidden behind the green fir tree, we can see a snow-white, almost invisible branch. Everything is only delicacy and calm.