A long kitchen island

A long kitchen island

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If the central island of the kitchen in its simplest form is rather square or rectangular, today it takes liberties and redesigns the kitchen with more original forms. And among the new shapes, the long islands are very trendy. Demonstration in pictures.

A counter island

Aviva If you choose a small kitchen island, it will look like a counter. In this case, choose the length to always benefit from as much space. It will not only be a work plan but also a dining area.

An island that stands out from the furniture

Arthur Bonnet To create a certain unity in the kitchen, you can opt for an island that takes its base in the kitchen furniture. The island part will then be perpendicular to the kitchen furniture to create a work surface.

A long island to multiply the functions

Cuisinella Choosing a long island will allow you to multiply the functions on this surface. So you can place the hobs on one side and the sink at the other end, while keeping a worktop. The island then becomes the heart of the kitchen.

An island in two parts

Aviva A long island can allow you to choose a lighter structure. On one side you will have a full space for the storage part and the sink and on the other, the island is only a worktop. This will allow you to feel comfortable taking meals.

An island with different heights

Schmidt To separate the different activities on the long island, you can bet on two different heights. The space for taking meals can for example be higher than the plan of the sink.

An island of two inverted heights

Aviva Here, the two heights are reversed: the worktop for taking meals is slightly lower to allow you to sit on chairs rather than on high stools.

An island with several modules

Cuisinella If you want to devote the entire length of your island to the kitchen, do not hesitate to add a module perpendicular to it to create a counter space for meals.

An all-in-one island

Cuisinella The length of the island will allow you several activities. You can use the furniture against the wall for storage and make the island the centerpiece of the kitchen.

A geometric island

Arthur Bonnet Finally, know that you can also take liberties in the shape of the island in length by betting on an L-shaped model which will then offer you two lengths for the preparation of meals.