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Blue: the new star color in the kitchen

Blue: the new star color in the kitchen

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If red has long been THE unavoidable color of highly decorative kitchens, today blue comes before it and becomes the trendy color of this room. To inspire you and quickly adopt it, here are 10 kitchens that love blue, whether in total look or in touches.

A blue pop kitchen

Fly In this already very colorful kitchen, blue soothes the whole by settling on all the walls that house the white furniture. The atmosphere remains colorful and brings a lot of good humor to the room.


Aviva In this kitchen, there is a refreshing atmosphere thanks to the walls colored in turquoise blue. The atmosphere is then an exotic touch and will go very well with touches of green.

Design and family cuisine

Aviva In this very large kitchen, we chose an almost night blue in order to enhance this large space and enhance the white furniture to make it more spacious. The kitchen is family and warm while offering a design and sharp look.

Contemporary Blue

Ikea In this contemporary kitchen, blue is invited to give a touch of originality to the whole room. It is then applied only on tall furniture and credenza for a graphic style.

Blue and originality

Aviva Blue does not have to sit alone in the kitchen. Here, it mixes with gray, black, pink and wood for an original and very trendy mix.

A designer and colorful kitchen

Aviva Here, very dark blue can be installed on furniture as well as on a section of wall to create a contrast with ambient white. Everything is very graphic and original for an assumed design style.

Blue in touch

Ikea In this contemporary kitchen, we used blue as a touch to wake up the whole. We then chose to apply it to the splashback so that it adorns all of the kitchen furniture.

Gray blue

Ikea For a very trendy look, we can adopt a slightly gray blue which will be ideal in a refined kitchen like this model where white is omnipresent.

Blue and metal

Schmidt Finally, be aware that blue will go very well with metallic elements. You can then paint a wall in blue to frame your kitchen and bring out the design spirit of the whole.


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