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A charming outbuilding on the heights of Cannes

A charming outbuilding on the heights of Cannes

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Arranging small spaces sometimes seems very complicated. But entering this outbuilding located on the heights of Cannes, we are pleasantly surprised! The photographer Franck Minieri invites us to discover this cozy little nest where warmth and friendliness are at the rendezvous.

A sunbathing area

Franck Minieri A good idea to reproduce if you have large steps in front of your house or your outbuilding: create a relaxation area with two deckchairs or why not a small garden furniture.

Breakfast in the sun

Franck Minieri The main advantage of this outbuilding is the terrace with pool view which it has. Thus, a round table and a few chairs have found their perfect place to enjoy the beautiful rays of the sun at each meal.

Red to wake up the living room

Franck Minieri If white prevails in this living room thanks to immaculate walls, it is the red notes of the accessories that catch our attention. In a plain version on the cushions or in stripes on the curtains and slabs, it awakens in the blink of an eye a decor that could have been dull.

A storage chest

Franck Minieri In this small living room, little storage space has been made available to tenants. Only this small chest full of charm, which can play both the role of a TV stand and a sideboard, has taken its place along the wall for an elegant decor and above all not overloaded.

A dining area for two

Franck Minieri A small dining area has been set up between the living room and the kitchen, ideal for two people. The wood of the table and the straw of the chairs preserves the authentic atmosphere of the place, but the choice of the black color makes it possible to affirm a need for modernity.

Stainless steel for the kitchen

Franck Minieri In the kitchen, the desire for modernity is confirmed with the beautiful stainless steel doors! As for the red tiled frieze, it's a nice reminder of the living room decor accessories.

Trio of colors

Franck Minieri Black white and red have fun here and there in this very friendly lounge. The trick used here to warm up the decor a bit: a carpet and ottoman made of rattan and bamboo that bring that natural note that was missing.

Natural colors for the bedroom

Franck Minieri In the only outbuilding bedroom, the choice of natural colors was made for a most soothing and pampering result. We love the little wicker bedside tables that complete the atmosphere.

A long dresser

Franck Minieri In small spaces, installing large furniture is strongly discouraged if you want to keep a refined atmosphere. A very long dresser then becomes a real ally!


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