The lion-footed bathtub, queen of the bathroom

The lion-footed bathtub, queen of the bathroom

If the lion-footed bathtub does not date from today, it still gives as much effect to our bathroom. This stylish bathtub will make the bathroom an elegant space in the blink of an eye. Demonstration.

A family house style

Leroy Merlin If you want a retro charm in your bathroom to give the air of a family home, bet on a lion-footed bathtub and bucolic wallpaper on the walls.

Retro style

Lapeyre For a retro atmosphere in the bathroom, we combine the lion-footed bathtub with retro tiles. For this, we choose a pattern that is available both on the floor and up to half the walls.

Baroque bathroom

Delpha Note that a lion-footed bathtub can also be integrated into a Baroque decor that uses lavish codes. The curved lines of the bathtub and its elegance are then ideal.

Charming atmosphere

Herbeau Créations For a touch of charm in the bathroom, install a lion-footed bathtub on a beautiful patterned tiling. To complete the decor, place the colored paneling on part of the wall to create an intimate atmosphere.

A lion-footed bathtub for a contemporary style

Sanijura You should know that this type of bathtub is also installed in a more contemporary bathroom. It will find its place, for example, to soften a bathroom with sleek furniture.

Glamorous atmosphere

Ikea The lion-footed bathtub will be essential in a glamorous bathroom where femininity is honored. The lines of the bathtub will thus recall the curves of the female body.

A bathroom as a living room

Saint Maclou If you don't want your bathroom to look like a bathroom but rather evoke a small boudoir-style living room, know that the lion-footed bathtub is ideal.

The simplicity card

Saint Maclou If your bathroom is fairly simple with raw materials, you can add a very chic and elegant touch to it just by opting for a lion-footed bathtub. The detail that makes the difference? Metal legs.

Seaside spirit

Saint Maclou Finally, be aware that the lion-footed bath can remind you of a small ship for a seaside atmosphere in the bathroom.