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Bright decorations for the garden

Bright decorations for the garden

** The new decorative trends do not only concern the house. Indeed, it is now possible to create an atmosphere in each outdoor space. Whether it is a balcony, a terrace or a garden, the furniture has been modernized and colored. To accompany this decoration, you will find a multitude of lights. Classic, contemporary, wild or colorful, the lights adapt to your outdoor spaces and your desires. Here is our selection of light decorations for the garden. **

The colorful garland

Fou de Lumière It is to the Fou de Lumière brand that we owe this beautiful creation. The dragonfly garland can light up your exterior while bringing a touch of originality. In the same collection, you will also find garlands of flowers.


Atomium Having a garden lamp is one thing, choosing it is another. Indeed, the models follow each other but are not alike. This creation of the Atomium brand is the perfect example.

Colors and shapes

Jardiland This lamp offered by the Jardiland brand is a small success. It changes colors while printing pretty shapes on your table. On a white tablecloth, it will amaze your guests.

With words

Lapadd Placed at the entrance of the garden or along an alley to mark the path to follow, these paper lanterns signed Lapadd will be perfect for welcoming your guests with poetry.

In all sobriety

The minute of decoration With these outdoor lamps that take the form of flower pots, you will light up your garden or the edge of your pool with chic and sobriety.


Ladina These bulb-shaped outdoor lamps are both original and offbeat. Placed on the ground or hung in the trees, they bring a touch of modernity.

The lanterns

The Sawmill Hanging above your table, the lanterns bring lights and colors. There are several hundred models, enough to satisfy your decorative desires.

Floating lamps

Hydrosud Fancy a little originality? What if you opt for floating lamps? These will illuminate your pool while moving with the wind.

Bright vegetation

Garden decoration To enhance the plants and decoration of your garden, bet on small lights placed with care.

A wild side

Maginéa Fancy authenticity, naturalness or exoticism in your garden? Choose the exterior torches. Thanks to their flame, they offer a soft light and a warm atmosphere.