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Flower wallpapers

Flower wallpapers

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It is not only outside that one takes pleasure in admiring the freshly hatched flowers. In our houses, orchids, daisies and magnolias bloom on the wallpaper, to the delight of our walls!

Retro flowers

Habitat ### Wisely aligned, rows of large sky-blue flowers alternate with rows of small red flowers, all on a black background. Flowery, characteristic and damn retro wallpaper!

Voluptuous pink flowers

Saint Maclou ### In the shade of a pretty green plant, this bench invites us to take a dream break, especially since it is leaning against a wall adorned with pink flowers so that we are transported by wilderness !

Gray / blue flowers

Elitis ### A series of large blue / gray flowers sublimate the living room, bringing it a zest of enchantment and femininity.

Red flowers

Saint Maclou ### The red flowers seize the wall to bring fantasy, lightness and a delicious spring mood…

Orchid song

Ferm Living ### The orchid designs keep invading the walls. Painted in taupe on a white background, they once again demonstrate that they are the queen of elegance…

Retro roses

Leroy Merlin ### The floral wallpaper wins the toilets and the bathroom, but not just any! Here, we opted for an ultra retro model composed of patterns of roses and gray butterflies on a white background. Poetry, when you hold us !

The flowers of my apple tree

La Redoute ### In the little girls' room, the floral wallpaper is more than welcome. It brings in a sweet, dreamy mood and filled with sweetness. Demonstration with this model decorated with branches of apple blossoms!

Mini flowers

Saint Maclou ### To accentuate the softness of the sleeping area, choose a strip of wallpaper strewn with delicate little flowers. Make way for daydreaming!

Black on white

Graham & Brown ### In the hallway, black flowers on a white background display a semi-graphic, semi-romantic mood. One between two that should appeal to more than one!