A coin, a gift

A coin, a gift

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Are you lacking inspiration for your Christmas gift ideas? We offer a little help with a selection of gifts depending on the room in the house in which the object will settle. One piece, one gift: all you have to do is choose.

Children's bedroom: a night light

Slide For the little ones, we offer a decorative gift that will also be useful: a night light will keep them from being in the dark after dark. You will find designer models and others more classic depending on the child's room.

Teenage bedroom: a lamp

Philips For teens to adapt their decor to their mood, we put on a LED lamp that changes color with a remote control that multiplies the possibilities.

Kitchen: a juicer

Starck In the kitchen, we bet on an iconic design object. The Starck Juicy Salif juicer will proudly sit on the worktop of the person to whom you offer it.

Dining room: a vase

LSA International In the dining room, we play the card of elegance with a vase which can be installed either in the center of the table, or on a buffet in the room. You will choose a beautiful chic and timeless model that will match any decor.

Living room: a cushion

Ferm Living For the living room, we play the decorative and comfortable card by offering a nice cushion that adopts the new trends of the house. Why not a model that uses a marble effect trompe l'oeil?

Bathroom: a green towel In the bathroom, we change from the traditional bath towel and this year we opt for Pesh, a 100% organic hand-woven bath towel. Between fashion accessory and practical object in the bathroom, Pesh seduces.

Toilets: decorative toilet paper

Renova Do you want a quirky gift? Give a gift to the toilet! But to stay chic despite everything, we put on the toilet paper boxes signed Renova.

Balcony: bright flower pot

Maisons du Monde A gift for the balcony in the middle of winter? Yes, if you opt for a bright flower pot which we will even enjoy from the inside thanks to its soft light.

Entrance: a coat rack

The collection Ideal for knowing where to hang your clothes when you go to this friend's house, offer a coat rack or coat hooks in a design and original look. It changes tables and other photos for the decoration of the walls.