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Kitchens adapted to your desires at SoCoo'c

Kitchens adapted to your desires at SoCoo'c

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SoCoo'c presents its 2012 catalog of trendy kitchens that combine design and practicality to meet your needs. You just have to choose between a very colorful cuisine, another more natural, original alliances or even special equipment. Discover in pictures, 10 creative cuisines!

Family cooking

SoCoo'c Cooking for a family must obviously be thought of accordingly. Also, we put on a spacious kitchen that multiplies the meeting points. Here you can, for example, sit at the bar or at the dining table.

Feminine cuisine

SoCoo'c Because cooking can also become a temple of femininity, we opt for this cuisine that combines plum and softer purple. In terms of layout, we choose furniture that calls for conviviality to receive friends.

Designer kitchen

SoCoo'c For a more designer kitchen, we will rely on an alliance of colors with black and white for a graphic style. The kitchen is very functional thanks to clean lines.

Design and nature cuisine

SoCoo'c To bring a designer touch to the kitchen while retaining a natural spirit, we put on light wood that we combine with taupe gray elements. The whole is then very refined and aesthetic.

Pop cuisine

SoCoo'c If you prefer pop atmospheres, you will be able to choose a cuisine that is not lacking in energy! Prefer for example lacquered elements and choose colors like apple green.

Accessories for the credenza

SoCoo'c You will be able to create a really practical kitchen with the accessories you choose. Select the type of cooking you want to add to your work plan and determine the decorative button of your splashback.

A work plan

SoCoo'c The worktop should not be overlooked in a kitchen. Also, you will find many materials to match your desires but also many combinations to install it in your kitchen.

Practical tips

SoCoo'c To make your life easier, you will find very useful tips like a splashback to fix utensils or cupboards that open upwards.

Optimized low cupboards

SoCoo'c Finally, to use the entire surface of the bottom cupboards, you will find sliding trays which allow access to the products at the bottom of the cupboard. What save space!