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Children's cocooning

Children's cocooning

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It is not only adults who have cravings for pampering when winter comes up! So in the children's room, we also put on a warm and cozy decoration. Inspiration in pictures!

A soft decor

Vertbaudet We make the bed a real cocoon by adding a canopy and multiplying the cushions to create a bubble of comfort

Warm wallpaper

Ikea To warm up the atmosphere of the room, you can opt for wallpaper which gives a warmer atmosphere than painting. You will then choose soft colors and enveloping patterns.

A charming decor

Maisons du monde Cocooning is a soft atmosphere that you will find in the charming style. Then opt for furniture with old charm in light colors and add textiles in pastel colors.

A chalet style

Maisons du monde To spend the warm winter, you can also bet on the chalet style. A pretty wooden bed, a faux fur rug and some winter accessories and voila!

An enveloping atmosphere

La Redoute In this room, the soft colors envelop the entire room. To refine the cocooning decor, we add a canopy and a soft bedding set.

Tiles in the decor

La Redoute For a cocooning atmosphere, use tiles. On the bed linen, they will give a warm atmosphere to the room. Add a mesh beanbag and the temperature rises!

A wraparound bed

La Redoute To cocoon in the bed, we put on an enveloping model that will create a real bubble of heat. With a soft bed linen, it will be difficult to get the little ones out of the bed.

A cabin bed

Alinéa If you want to go even further, you can offer your child a cabin bed in which he can snuggle up to spend sweet moments of relaxation.

A comfortable chair

Ikea Finally, as is often the case in babies' bedrooms, consider having a comfortable armchair in which you can sit with your child for very cocooning moments of reading.


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