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10 shock winter colors

10 shock winter colors

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Winter is a season that knows many specifics compared to the others: sad colors, little light, shortened days ... A lack of ambient cheerfulness that makes us want to rethink the decor in its entirety! From vitamin tones to the softness of pastels, the editorial team has selected 10 trendy shades to brighten up our interior. Color is indeed the basic element of decoration and is of capital importance to create an atmosphere and to match the desired decoration style. We will therefore take the time to choose it carefully to match it with our furniture… and make it our own!


Caravan Anise green is a pretty winter color that warms a room while remaining chic. Sober and pleasant to look at, it goes perfectly with gray or brown.

Crushed raspberry

Hôtel Crayon Here is an unusual shade which remains ideal for a fresh and punchy decor. In this room it has been softened by a touch of white: a harmonious combination to start the day in a good mood and face the cold!

Pebble gray

Hôtel la Belle Juliette Gray is THE color of winter par excellence! It has the distinction of having many variations and to marry almost all shades. Always very chic, it is particularly suitable for classic decor, design or nature.


Thank you Long denigrated because associated with death and affliction, the purple color is now making a comeback in our interiors. It can be mixed with pink or white for a feminine atmosphere, or as here in gray and blue for a more neutral and relaxed atmosphere. Its complementary colors remain however green and yellow, more difficult to marry in an interior.

Egg shell

Shangri La The great classic in decoration, off-white has the advantage of illuminating an interior without making it cold. In winter, we use and abuse it in all rooms of the house! We can leave it like here in total look or marry it with warmer shades like beige or burgundy.

Chlorophyll green

Ikea This pretty chlorophyll green wakes up the neutral tones of the room by bringing a touch of freshness. This unusual shade gives a spotlight on the furniture here to enhance it, while remaining sober. We can however marry it with other pep's tones (yellow, fuchsia ...) for a more exotic and vitamin atmosphere!

Pastel blue

Habitat For centuries pastel was the only source of blue dye available in Europe. It was at the end of the 16th century that it was to be challenged by the more lively indigo. Long associated with summer - for its fresh touch - it is gradually integrated into winter interiors which it softens and modernizes.

Powdery pink

Hôtel la Belle Juliette Very feminine, powder pink gently warms up an interior by bringing it a romantic touch. Often associated with childhood and sweet delicacies, the pink color however takes center stage and begins to impose itself in more chic and modern interiors. With gray or black, the mixture works wonderfully!

Curry yellow

AMPM Ideal for facing the harshness of winter, this spicy shade enchants us with its soft and warm side. It is integrated into an ethnic decoration or on the contrary modern and minimalist for a sharper contrast.