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Chalet BlackRock Ski lodge or the discovery of a new way of life

Chalet BlackRock Ski lodge or the discovery of a new way of life

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Synonymous with charm and friendliness, the chalet in the mountains is the ultimate destination for family reunification and rejuvenation. Find all the comfort of wood and discover an exceptional chalet where rustic and modern mixes in images.

A privileged location

Blackrock Ski Lodge Enjoying a 360 ° panoramic view of the imposing Alpine reliefs, this pretty chalet seems to have always existed as it has been able to integrate into the surrounding landscape.

Luxury and comfort

Blackrock Ski Lodge Ideal for recharging your batteries all year round, the Chalet has an outdoor jacuzzi with panoramic views of the Alpine reliefs and an indoor hammam, for endless moments of relaxation.

Family cocoon

Blackrock Ski Lodge In the living room, objects, materials and solid furniture set the tone. Against a background of soft colors, animal skin rugs, cushions on soft sofas combine around a beautiful stone and wooden fireplace to stage a serene decor that calms the spirit and brings it back to basics.

A favorite material: wood

Blackrock Ski Lodge Wood, omnipresent in each of the spaces, contributes to creating a unique atmosphere where luxury meets traditional Savoyard spirit. In the second part of the living room, antique furniture, associated with a few touches of fur and warm fabrics complete this enchanting decor.

Family home atmosphere

Blackrock Ski Lodge Comfortable and opulent, the dining room, composed of a large solid wood table, is particularly well suited to fiery discussions and rest evenings. The wood on the walls comes alive with the flickering flames nearby, thus warming this cozy nest.

Rustic elegance

Blackrock Ski Lodge In the kitchen, nothing has been left to chance. Fully equipped, the kitchen restores the mountain charm in a contemporary spirit: grandmother-style stove, granite and wood. A beautiful combination of materials for a kitchen where life is good.

With ease

Blackrock Ski Lodge In the five bedrooms, the decoration gives pride of place to noble, raw materials and reinterprets the codes of mountain life. Everyone will find their space to isolate themselves and be calm.

A leitmotif: comfort!

Blackrock Ski Lodge Modernized by a simple and warm furnishing, sometimes a rustic touch, the five rooms with warm colors, each with their bathrooms, immerse the visitors in a felted atmosphere, conducive to rest.

Many observation points

Blackrock Ski Lodge An exceptional chalet, the place offers a peaceful retreat, winter and summer, amidst the many activities that Chamonix offers. Outside, three terraces offer, as a climax, an admirable view of the waded peaks.


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