A dressing room for the little ones

A dressing room for the little ones

Our children know very early today what they want, and especially what they want to wear! A dressing room adapted to their size and their tastes will therefore quite naturally have entered their room, at the age at which they will be able to dress alone. And the choice is vast! Brands compete in ingenuity and now display original and colorful dressings in the catalog. From the smallest to the maxi format, from soft pastels to vibrant colors, each model stands out and accessorizes our kids' rooms in a unique way.

A wardrobe like that of mom and dad!

Mobalpa Edited by Mobalpa, this pretty tangy wardrobe will follow your child until adolescence thanks to its timeless and colorful style. We put on a durable storage, in the choice of colors as in time, by adopting these pretty sliding doors in vitamin tones. As for the interior, it's up to you to create it according to your desires!

Seaside spirit

Maison du Monde La Redoute The beach cabin dressing room is the best decorative idea of ​​the year! Created by Maisons du Monde and La Redoute, these two models are perfectly suited to classic or marine decoration. We accessorize them as in the photo on the left with small garlands of fish or with pretty blue curtains: guaranteed escape!

Rattan is back!

Serendipity Esprit fifties for this large rattan shelf fitted as a dressing room. As in the days of our parents, the trend returns to simple materials and more imaginative creations, far from the melamine furniture of the big brands.

Not so stupid coat hooks

The Collection An essential accessory for storing clothes, the coat hook takes on allure and becomes a real decorative object. The Collection is launching great models in the shape of animals, just like Alinea (very pretty coat hooks in the shape of birds) or the trendy shop Fleux (large selection of design coat hooks on

Girly design

Mobalpa With this impressive girly wardrobe with sliding lacquered doors, Mobalpa aims at the target and appeals to parents and girls alike! Practical and solid, it can store clothes and toys for a clear and always tidy room.

Worked looks

Maisons du Monde In its 2013/2014 catalog, Maisons du Monde played the creativity card, as evidenced by these two pretty dressing rooms. Girls or boys, our blond heads will have easy access to their clothes thanks to the small size of these two wardrobes.

Attic dressing room

Mobalpa Made-to-measure is a very popular layout solution, especially when it comes to creating storage space under the eaves. We therefore call on one of the many specialists in the field (Lapeyre, Mobalpa or even Leroy Merlin) to install a discreet and practical dressing room, which will be well appreciated by the little ones at the fateful moment of tidying up the room!

When practical rhymes with aesthetics

Vertbaudet This large dressing room was imagined by the specialist in the childish universe Vertbaudet. Divided into two parts, it consists of a wardrobe and a very clever drawer side. It is also one of the only children's models with a mirror!

Childhood of yesteryear

La Redoute and Maisons du monde La Redoute and Maisons du Monde appealed to children's imagination for these two powder pink models. All in curves, they fit perfectly into the world of romantic and dreamy little girls.