The children's wardrobe

The children's wardrobe

Shaken by the big spring cleaning, the dressing rooms have had a facelift, even those of the little ones! Well, this may be an opportunity to tour the most beautiful children's wardrobes, because sheltering socks and clothes in a decorative piece of furniture is still funnier.

Amsterdam houses

Go to your room ### The loulous room flies to Amsterdam! All you need is a dressing room in the shape of the typical narrow and colorful houses of the city of Van Gogh to land at your destination. Incredibly fun!


Serendipity ### Inspired by the lines of 1930s refrigerators, this art deco silver-clad wardrobe enchants the little ones' room. Because adults do not have a monopoly on design and conceptual furniture that creates surprise…

Miniature wardrobe

Ikea ### When you are as tall as three apples, it's easier to tidy up your wardrobe if it is as small as us! The very mini, cute wardrobe here is a well-deserved point.


Maisons du Monde ### Vintage children's bedrooms enchant us because they have the gift of acting like a time machine. A school desk, an imitation leather ottoman, mistress squares, a wardrobe dressed in a giant aged fire engine motif, and here we are in the 1950s.


Leroy Merlin ### The new trend is for dressings that are not afraid to show off. The little summer dresses, princess costumes, wisely folded jeans and comforters protruding from the drawers thus participate in the fresh and colorful universe of the children's room. Long live open wardrobes!


Serendipity ### From the top of its little pastel brown color, this wardrobe with classic lines has succeeded in combining simplicity and poetry. We say yes!


Maisons du Monde ### Your little one has always dreamed of becoming Indiana Johns, going on an adventure and exploring the world? Here is a wardrobe in the shape of a giant travel bag that will fill it…

Sea side

Maisons du Monde ### A paneled dressing room, an ocean-style dressing room, a dressing room printed with numbers like a cargo ship. You understood, this wardrobe also claims its little seaside look to charm the room of toddlers!

Natural wood

Go to your room ### Between clean lines and very light wood, the Scandinavian style doesn't seem far away. If your cherub's room is 100% natural, this is a model that should appeal to you.