Children's games are installed in the garden houses

Children's games are installed in the garden houses

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If the children's overflowing imagination is enough to transform an empty room into an extraordinary playground, imagine their joy at the idea of ​​playing in a real playhouse! A mini habitat at their size that could soon grow in your garden. Inspiration begins now!

Super trailer!

Castorama ### Instead of a little house, an adorable red caravan has grown out. Its nomadic air, its apple-green shutters, its whimsical banners that sway with the wind will continue to delight the little ones! Like a taste of going on vacation… in the garden.

Funny house!

Jardin Concept ### Landing in the imaginary country. This little wooden house surprises us with its quirky windows and its inclined railing as if it came straight out of the magical story of "Alice in Wonderland". Heart stroke !

With an arbor

Castorama ### Leaning against the garden house, an arbor creates a mini terrace area on which climbing plants will easily grow to shade it in all poetry.

High perched

Castorama ### Children will almost have the impression of being in a cabin perched in the trees thanks to this two-story maisonette. Most ? It is accompanied by a pole revealing two swings ...

All wood

Castorama ### Pretty wooden cottage comfortably installed on a round platform. On the other side of the door or outside on her little bench, she promises hours of play.


La Redoute ### From the top of its two levels, this playground includes a slide, a ladder, a walkway, a swing. What else do you want ?

With terrace

Castorama ### This mini chalet has an orange railing which seems to delimit a terrace area. After all, even if it means having a small house, you might as well do everything like adults!


Delamaison ### The garden house has become a playground with slides, marquee, pole, walkway. Worthy of a real park!


Delamaison ### A playhouse with integrated swing, a playhouse topped with a canvas roof, a playhouse on two levels, the ground floor of which is hidden behind playful canvas curtains to create a closed play area. Difficult to resist.