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Before / After: Take possession of the strip of land around the house by transforming your garden

Before / After: Take possession of the strip of land around the house by transforming your garden

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The owners of this pretty house located by the sea called on the company Seven Garden and the exterior architect Jordan Laquit. The purpose of this renovation? Completely rethink the garden that goes around the house but also give a more welcoming entrance to the residence. It was therefore necessary to give a second youth to the perimeter of the habitat by making it a space that is both aesthetic and friendly without losing sight of the traditional style of the house. Here are the steps, step by step, of this metamorphosis. ** Area: ** 100m² for the garden area at the rear of the house, 180m² for the right side of the residence and 70m² for the entrance and the garage ** Budget: ** € 11,500 for the renovation of the garden and € 6,500 for the renovation of the entrance to the house

Several spaces in one

Seven Garden ** After: ** Designer and landscaper have renovated the strip of land around the house, in a contemporary but authentic style in order to preserve the identity of the house. The owners wanted to have well-defined spaces. Pathways - formed by small composite wooden terraces and slabs of shale mulch - a terrace area but also a barbecue area with aromatic herbs have therefore been fitted out.

A sad garden from the outside as from the inside

Seven Garden ** Before: ** The owners no longer enjoyed looking at the environment around them since the view from inside the house did not offer attractive perspectives. Without touching the walls of the house, we had to find tips to create a more dynamic flowerbed but also a bright and warm atmosphere.

A reworked outdoor space

Seven Garden ** After: ** The new garden is much more structured, as evidenced by the gray tubs and flowerpots which structure the passage areas and bring the notes of modernity that this new layout requires. It has become a pleasant place to live and a wonderful, constantly changing plant scene.

A difficult path and traffic

Seven Garden ** Before: ** Access to the house entrance was through the lawn, which was not very practical. In addition, the main entrance was quite dated and in need of modernization. Before starting the work, the garden was cleaned and the plants, shrubs and hedges uprooted.

Erect a fence to protect yourself from neighbors

Seven Garden ** After: ** A fence made of composite wood slats signed Océwood was installed after stripping and leveling the floors. It preserves the privacy of the inhabitants by being hidden from vis-à-vis while structuring this space. Ceramic spheres reflect sunlight while grasses wave in the wind.

Warm, natural tones

Seven Garden ** After: ** In order for the fence to offer a superb backdrop to the plant table and blend in with the decor, Seven Garden opted for warm tones (Havana reference for the wooden slats and Sandblasted Brown for the posts The little extra: the wall is punctuated along its entire length by the elevation of white low walls. On the plant side, perennial plants enliven slender beds.

The old entrance area

Seven Garden ** Before: ** The owners also wanted to renovate the main entrance of their house and access to the garage which they did not consider ergonomic. We therefore had to imagine a way to make this part of the land more attractive for the inhabitants but also for the guests.

A modernized garage

Seven Garden ** After: ** The entrance area has therefore been completely redesigned in the same spirit as the outdoor space. The access to the garage is delimited on one side by a sleek and graphic massif while the plants are drawn on a wall painted in two tones, a pure white and an anthracite gray which creates a nice contrast.

A very geometric set

Seven Garden ** After: ** The whole garden has a deliberately marked geometry, by the layout and the materials. Whether it is the black rectangular walkway tiles, the borders of the beds and the lawn, the vegetable patch in concrete sleepers or the barbecue area, everything has its place. For more information, visit