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Top 10 small accessories that light up the garden

Top 10 small accessories that light up the garden

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In spring, the days are not the only ones to gain a head start, our outdoor evenings too! On the terrace or in the garden, chatter and nibbling drag on in the glow of soft, subdued lighting, of which here is the top 10. Light!

Light strips

Leroy Merlin ### Preferred rectilinear lighting from the outside? The luminous rollers! They frame the outline of the terrace, the swimming pool, the door or the steps of the garden, and allow us to find our bearings after dark. Note that there is an undeniable preference for light bands with changing colors for the little decorative touch…

Tealight holders

Paragraph ### Classic but essential, the candle jars take place on the table or on the floor to gently illuminate the outside. We love the models with round holes here, a light and offbeat version that appeals to us.

Luminous pots

Leroy Merlin ### Some potted plants arranged here and there, and now the terrace has an intimate and subdued look. It's the magic of light pots, not to mention their changing colors to vary the moods…


Paragraph ### Make way for poetry. By hanging a series of tealights high, the candles they house rock the space with a delicate glow, ideal for soothing or romantic evenings. The models presented, yellow, blue, white, pink or red, displaying a pretty little heart, should seduce more than one!

Solar torches

Leroy Merlin ### With their plastic coat that imitates bamboo wonderfully, these solar torches planted on the ground delimit the terrace area while illuminating it when it is dark.

Light garlands

Leroy Merlin ### A light garland hanging from the branches of a tree, wrapped around the parasol, hung on the frame of the terrace door or placed along the coffee table. If we like the fairy lights in summer, it is because it is easy to move and stage them, especially since the variety of colors and shapes of the lanterns offers a wide choice. Deco ...

Recessed spots

Leroy Merlin ### Floor lighting, had you thought about it? Too bad, because this solution is discreet and effective to illuminate the terrace. The contours of it are precisely adorned with spotlights!


Paragraph ### In bamboo, metal, wood, steel, posed or suspended in the air, the delicate silhouette of the lanterns still enchants us as much. In the garden, it is difficult to do without this dim lighting which illuminates, the air of nothing, all our spring and summer evenings.

Bright Japanese steps

Truffaut ### In order not to get lost in the garden or on the path leading from the gate to the house like the Little Thumb in the forest, these fluorescent Japanese steps allow us to see more clearly and find our way in the dark . Ingenious.


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