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Renovate the bathroom with construction panels

Renovate the bathroom with construction panels

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Jackon Insulation offers creative Jackoboard building panels that make it easy to renovate your bathroom. In addition to giving a new face to your room, these panels guarantee a perfect waterproofness and allow to equalize the walls and neutralize cracks. To give you an overview of the possibilities of these panels, discover in pictures the renovation of a bathroom.

Panel glue

Jackon Insulation For sealing and thermal insulation, you will use a glue gun on the edges of the panels before fixing them completely to the wall.

Fixing the panels

Jackon Insulation To fix the Jackoboard panels, you will need a drill. Thanks to good fixing, the panels thermally insulate walls and floors because they are made of extruded polystyrene.

A unified bathroom

Jackon Insulation Result: your bathroom takes on a new dimension with impeccable walls ready to be tiled, coated or plastered. But the renovation does not stop there and the possibilities of the panels allow a complete transformation.

Floor panels

Jackon Insulation Note that Jackoboard panels are also installed on the floor to unify your bathroom but also to take advantage of the thermal insulation properties of the panels on the floor.

Construction of the bathtub

Jackon Insulation The possibilities of using the panels are multiple, they will allow you for example to create a dressing for the bathtub in all simplicity. You will simply have to assemble the elements by fixing them with a special glue that guarantees durability.

The construction of the basin

Jackon Insulation You can do the same to build a vanity top. You just have to cut the footprints of the basins that you want to integrate on the panel. And you will cut the panels to the dimensions you want for a custom piece of furniture!

The renovated bathroom

Jackon Insulation And here is your bathroom, perfectly restored with new floors, new walls and bespoke custom furnishings.


Jackon Insulation Once the panels are fully installed throughout the room, all you have to do is finish them. You will be able to tile, coat or even plaster your panels to give the ambiance you want in your bathroom.

The result

Jackon Insulation Finally, you get a completely renovated bathroom that perfectly meets your expectations. Here, we chose to tile the lower part of the room and to coat the panels in the upper part in order to paint them. The result is stunning.