Graphic patterns and pop colors at the Valencia Lounge Hostel

Graphic patterns and pop colors at the Valencia Lounge Hostel

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Welcome to the Valencia Lounge Hostel where colors and queens are king. Bursting with freshness, the Spanish hotel takes on a new youth with its modern look with inimitable graphics. Immersion in a unique place with a strong personality and a communicative joie de vivre.

Geometry and trompe l'oeil on the wall

Luis Beltran The signature of the Valencia Lounge Hostel? Graphic and geometric patterns on the walls, the relief of which is an incredible trompe-l'oeil. We also like this palette of blues which combine perfectly with bright red and powder pink, all on a most brilliant white. Rhombuses on the wall, straight lines on the ceiling, square paintings, did you say geometry?

A bright decoration of gaiety

Luis Beltran In the common area, bright yellow blends with light blue for a wonderful rendering. A surprising duo that immediately brightens the room and catches the eye. The round shapes captivate, one can only want to sit on these low seats slightly padded with deep blue.

Themed rooms

Luis Beltran The 11 rooms that make up the hotel each have a specific theme. Sport, decoration, music, there is something for all tastes and colors! It is up to the customer to choose his room according to his personality and his decorative bias, always in the service of bright colors.

Bright color scheme

Luis Beltran The bias of the Masquespacio studio? "We wanted customers to be blown away by opening the bedroom door." Wow effect guaranteed with this checkerboard in bright and refreshing colors at the head of the bed.

Graphics down to the details

Luis Beltran Of neoclassical origin, the rooms have furniture specially designed by the Masquespacio studio for the hotel. The graphics on the wall can be found even in the light fixtures, suspended on either side of the bed. Thin lines suggest triangles and round with an XXL earring effect.

Tribute to Memphis

Luis Beltran A tribute to the Memphis group, this room reveals a most original mural composition. The multicolored figures reveal themselves freely, go beyond the door and upset the perspectives. We love !

Sound system

Luis Beltran Bathed in natural light, all rooms offer a private balcony. More sober but just as original, it is adorned with white and evolves under the theme of music. Sound wall effect and sound system with this mesh structure on which beautiful decorative pineapples are placed.

An ethnic style room

Luis Beltran Fan of the ethnic style? This room is made for you! The noble materials and soft colors invite you to relax and unwind, always with a touch of geometry on the wall.

Surf in España!

Luis Beltran Favorite for room N ° 6 dedicated to surfing, in homage to the owner's favorite sport! A symphony of bright colors and graphic patterns are played out before our eyes. Joy and good humor guaranteed. We want more! More information on