Bosch launches its new range of Serie 8 ovens

Bosch launches its new range of Serie 8 ovens

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Elegant design, trendy colors, innovative and powerful functions, discover without further delay the new range of Bosch Series 8 ovens. Behind a simple control ring, you are immersed in a perfect cooking experience. Presentation.

HotAir 4D: a technological innovation

Bosch The smallest innovation, and not least at Bosch, is undoubtedly the HotAir 4D innovation. The latter makes it possible to cook evenly on 4 levels without mixing the odors. All thanks to the association of the engine with a new turbine whose rotation is done from the right then to the left in an alternative way.

An intuitive central ring

Thanks to an intuitive central programming ring, a simple finger press is enough to select the desired function. The information then takes the form of pictograms or text. You just have to choose from the different options available.

An ultra-sophisticated temperature sensor

To be connected before cooking, the PerfectRoast temperature probe offered with Bosch ovens is a gem of innovation. With 3 control points distributed along its length, it allows the oven to turn off by itself once the ideal temperature at the heart of the meat has been reached.

CookAssist function for automatic programming

Bosch Say goodbye to cookbooks that don't all give you the same cooking time for the same food and make room for the CookAssit feature. It offers many preprogrammed recipes. All you have to do is choose a dish, and the oven will select the appropriate cooking mode, temperature and duration. You just have to let it happen!

Successful cakes every time!

Bosch Thanks to the innovation PerfectBake Sensor, you are sure not to miss a single cake! An electronic sensor, present in the oven, measures the humidity level throughout the cooking time and then determines the various adjustment parameters. Pies, cakes or even breads, you will succeed in your pastries every time!

What about cleaning?

Bosch We are fans of the ceramic walls of new Bosch ovens, which directly absorb and destroy the grease particles projected during cooking. No smoke, no bad odors and in just one hour, EcoClean Direct mode effectively cleans your oven. It will change our lives!

An oven available in three colors

Obviously dressed in the timeless GlassLine design, the ovens of the new 8 Series range are available in three colors: Stainless steel, Volcano Black and Polar White. Perfect to blend perfectly with our current kitchens! Multifunction oven HBG655BB1: 699.99 euros Multifunction oven 100% steam HSG656XS1: 1999.99 euros


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