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Concrete outdoors: practical and decorative!

Concrete outdoors: practical and decorative!

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If concrete at first glance reminds us of buildings, it has many other applications. For example, he dresses terraces and swimming pools to give them a very designer decorative look. Here are some applications of concrete outdoors.

Concrete stairs

Marius Aurenti Concrete is also ideal for covering staircases because the ground is then pleasant and makes it possible to secure the staircases because it does not slip and this even in the event of rain. It offers a very clean look to the stairs.

A concrete driveway

Marius Aurenti To get to the door of your home, it is sometimes necessary to create an alley in the middle of the garden. Concrete appears to be a practical solution because it is a smooth floor that is easy to maintain. It fits easily into the natural space for a very decorative style.

A designer terrace

Marius Aurenti To give a design look to the terrace, we put on a concrete floor in a natural gray shade to enhance the sleek look of the smooth rendering.

Concrete for the pool

Marius Aurenti Concrete can also be used to create a swimming pool. It can then take original forms and offers a beautiful color to the water thanks to its clear and natural color. Design style guaranteed!

Concrete architectural details

Mercadier Concrete allows you to create all kinds of structures. You can create a terrace with a low wall as well as an infinity pool.

Concrete patio

Mercadier To create a patio near your house, concrete will be a good solution because it resists bad weather and will be a good transition between inside and outside.

Concrete for the edge of the pool

Marius Aurenti Choosing concrete for the edge of the pool is also highlighting it thanks to the sleek coating. It fits easily into a natural environment while providing a design touch.

Concrete with wood

Marius Aurenti Concrete goes very well with other materials for the floor, such as wood, which also finds pride of place around the pool.

Concrete in the pool

Marius Aurenti In the pool, concrete creates elements such as steps or seats to make the most of the water. It is both practical and design!