Arte presents its new wallpaper collection

Arte presents its new wallpaper collection

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A desire for walls that are out of the ordinary? You are bound to succumb to the elegance and sophistication of Arte wallpapers. In terms of textures, shapes or colors, the brand of exceptional coatings allows your interiors to think outside the box. Presentation in images of the spring 2015 collection discovered this morning at the Paris showroom at Arte.

Knitting for trendy interiors

If Loop (on the right) presents us with a classic plain pattern of the mesh, it is especially Flowery (on the left), which caught our attention. Like wool, the contours of its classic patterns are rather fluffy, reminiscent of traditional knitting.

Eclipse three-dimensional collection

Small characteristic, and not least, of these two models of the Eclipse collection: they are in fact textile wall coverings in relief. The patterns were indeed pressed into the fabric using heat and give the pieces covered with them a truly unique character. * Also available in black *

Relief walls

The new collection called Enigma offers volume to your walls thanks to the same thermoforming process as Eclipse. Soft, pleasant to the touch, the different models are a real treat for the eyes and the hands. A three-dimensional result that contemporary interiors will all want to adopt!

Rhapsody: musical inspiration

With its refined damask pattern, Arco reminds us of the luxury of carpets from the East. The play of brilliance and the contrasting colors are a real appeal to a change of scenery. WE love !

Journey to the East

Straight from a tale of a thousand and one nights, the Rondo wallpaper is sprinkled with gold or silver droplets on a relatively sober background inspiring sobriety. The end result seems to have been done by hand.

Geometric patterns

We fell in love with these two models of wallpaper covered with small triangles. If one (the one on the left) is smooth to the touch, the second (the one on the right) offers a play of relief and texture of the most pleasant.

For large rooms

For the most successful rendering, it is advisable to adopt the Halo wallpaper in a large room. This is how its brilliant lines will be best highlighted.

Tie dye inspiration

Fascinated by the Japanese artisanal tie dye method, the designer of the Shibori collection was largely inspired by this tradition to create these bold and varnished wallpapers.

Tie dye inspiration

The Shibori collection was imagined using a traditional dyeing technique: the fabrics are gathered, folded, woven, sewn and then dipped in a paint bath. Once unfolded, the parts form pretty patterns and the result is most fascinating on the wallpaper!


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