10 tips for the nursery

10 tips for the nursery

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During the first years of your baby's life, your baby needs a cozy nest that is also practical. To help you organize this room, here are a few tips that will make this space comfortable for parents and babies alike.

A hanging bed

AM.PM With a hanging bed, it will be easy for you to rock your baby while letting him fall asleep in his bed. A practical and above all very decorative solution.

A bed with a drawer

La Redoute Don't know where to store all of your baby's bed linen? You can then choose a bed that has a drawer just below. This will allow you to gain storage space in discretion.

A raised bed

Lilipinso To avoid bending over to put your baby in bed, you can adopt a slightly raised model that will be practical and very decorative.

A moving bed

Laurette By choosing a bed with casters, you can move the bed as you wish to optimize the space when baby is not sleeping. And it will also be a plus to rock him.

An armchair in the nursery

Paragraph To spend moments of relaxation with your baby and have a space where to give him the bottle, think of installing a comfortable armchair in his room. This will be especially useful for evening meals.

A mobile to put baby to sleep

Vertbaudet To help baby fall asleep when you put him in his bed, do not hesitate to opt for a mobile. It will then be soothed for a good night's sleep.

A helper

Aden + Anais With Serenity Star in the room, you will have a power supply memory aid, an ambient temperature indicator, a clock as well as a night light and a music box. A practical object to take care of baby.

All in one bed

Vertbaudet With this bed module, there is no risk of missing anything since it includes the bed, storage space, a changing table and even an armchair ideal for settling in with your baby. This all-in-one will come in handy if you share your room with baby space.

A changing table bed

Vertbaudet Less complete but just as practical, this bed has storage and an integrated changing table to always have everything on hand. A practical idea when you lack space in the room.