Before / After: energize and redecorate an apartment

Before / After: energize and redecorate an apartment

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The interior designer Tiphaine Thomas has completely renovated and redecorated this apartment located in Caluire-et-Cuire, a suburb bordering on Lyon. Only the bathroom has not been modified. After two years of expatriation in India, the owner of this property needed to move quickly into a cozy and warm interior that can accommodate friends but also be a calm and relaxing environment. Without starting any major work, the paintings were refreshed while the furniture and decor were changed in a universe specific to each room. We pay you a visit. ** Area: ** 88m² ** Budget: ** € 28,000 including VAT for the renovation and furnishing of the apartment

Makeover of a main entrance

Tiphaine Thomas / Skéa designer ** After: ** The entrance was uncluttered while creating an office space and a bench seat with storage. The decoration is both warm and tangy on the theme of travel. There is a very original coat stand in the shape of a cactus, signed Lapsus Plust, but also a colorful world map, exotic cushions and Kare Design wall shelves in the shape of suitcases.

A slightly dated dining room

Tiphaine Thomas / Skéa designer ** Before: ** In this 33 square meter living room, the dining area was not very friendly. But, to fit into the owner's budget (6,000 euros for painting and 22,000 euros for furniture), the whole room could not be renovated. The taupe wallpaper in the living room - which was in good condition - was therefore kept while designer furniture and accessories were associated with cheaper branded pieces.

A warm and design living room

Tiphaine Thomas / Skéa designer ** After: ** The living room has a dining area and a lounge area delimited with a fluffy carpet. In terms of furniture, there are both very elaborate craft furniture as well as very refined designer furniture. Warm woods (oak, mango) and light woods (pine, ash) blend perfectly, as do soft Scandinavian-style hues (off-white, beige, greige).

The old sitting area

Tiphaine Thomas / Skéa designer ** Before: ** The existing living area was quite austere because it was made up of a majority of very dark tones, due to the black sofa and two very dark wooden furniture. The owner had just returned from abroad when she started work on the apartment, so she had to select all the furniture and tableware with the interior designer and the decorator.

A cocooning corner of Nordic style

Tiphaine Thomas / Skéa designer ** After: ** After renovation, the lounge area has become typically Scandinavian. The Muuto bookcase as well as the Gentlemen designers coffee table and the white floor lamp give a resolutely Nordic style to the room. The glazed brown corner sofa from La Maison du convertible and the white carpet warm the space. We love the Akin & Suri patterned cushion which gives a touch of color!

Renovate the kitchen with small touches

Tiphaine Thomas / Skéa designer ** Before: ** The 13 square meter kitchen had been redone a few years ago by the former owners. It therefore did not require restructuring but simply a fresh coat of paint and a few small accessories to slightly modernize it. The paintings mainly had to be redone.

An irresistible industrial kitchen

Tiphaine Thomas / Skéa designer ** After: ** For an industrial and offbeat spirit, the owner wanted the room to be repainted with a metallic effect paint. This brings more light to the space and allows it to be matched with the dining area and the metal bar stools. A section of wall was covered with a slate paint in order to write a shopping list or to leave little words. In summer, aromatic plants replace indoor plants in the pots above the bar.

Little personalized rooms

Tiphaine Thomas / Skéa designer ** Before: ** The master bedroom and the child's bedroom did not really have their own style. However, the owner has her daughter dependent every other week. The architect therefore had to succeed in personalizing each room so that each one found its place and had its own universe.

A bright and unique sleeping area

Tiphaine Thomas / Skéa designer ** After: ** In the adult room, everything is conducive to escape and relaxation. Above this bed, a white veil and light garlands are suspended by a few driftwood branches found at Déco Nature. The four-poster bed is raised by the trunk and the storage baskets. In the teenage bedroom, the walls and furniture are deliberately neutral in color so that the decor can evolve with the child. The decor is original thanks to the GoodLight pineapple lamp, the poufs in the shape of Woouf donuts and the unusual cushions. For more information, visit the Tiphaine Thomas website: