Before / After: Completely renovating an Austrian chalet in Strasbourg

Before / After: Completely renovating an Austrian chalet in Strasbourg

In this Austrian chalet located in the city of Strasbourg, the interior designer Olivier Rigate ensured the complete renovation of the house. His bias? Open space thanks to a large living room and a sliding picture window. On the program, open kitchen, private bathrooms and mountain chalet spirit. He tells us step by step the evolution of this property, initially quite dilapidated, which has become a haven of design and cozy peace in which it is good to live. ** Area: ** 140m² ** Budget: ** € 140,000 including tax for the complete renovation of the chalet

A designer and bright American kitchen

Rigate Design ** After: ** Olivier Rigate enlarged the space as much as possible, which represented a substantial surface area but which was not well developed. To further brighten the house, the walls have been painted matt white and many recessed spotlights illuminate the immaculate kitchen. The entrance of the chalet gives directly onto a large living room which includes the kitchen, the dining room and the living room.

The dining room before the works

Rigate Design ** Before: ** The existing dining room was very dark and not very user-friendly because it had no decorative object or touch of color. The tiling on the wall, reminiscent of the kitchen, was useless and denoted with the rest of the room. The space was in great need of renovation and brought up to date.

A very arty dining area

Rigate Design ** After: ** In the new dining room, the dining area is in harmony with the long kitchen, which has been advanced so that it is closer to the dining table but also more functional. We love the designer and comfortable bar stools that highlight the white color as well as the stained solid parquet on the floor. To decorate the room, paintings were placed on the walls and succulents bring a natural touch.

An old-fashioned and not very functional kitchen

Rigate Design ** Before: ** The old wood and white kitchen was dated. The multicolored tiles were not modern and the storage was sorely lacking in optimization. It was not easy to move around the room, which had a rather awkward U-shaped layout.

Optimizing a long kitchen

Rigate Design ** After: ** To open up the space and give it more functionality, more storage space and more light, the architect has created a large, long kitchen which overlooks the dining area. The work plan accommodates high storage and low cupboards without handles while all the household appliances are built-in to save more space. The white color lights up the room and gives it a very trendy and timeless look.

The lounge area open to the garden

Rigate Design ** After: ** The particularity of this site is the creation of a large sliding picture window, with BSO box, which offers a breathtaking view and direct access to the garden. Children can therefore easily go outside to play in summer, while parents can move from the cozy lounge area with fireplace to the outdoor area when they invite guests for dinner. For more comfort, leather sofas and armchairs allow you to meet around a drink. The little extra? The mirror placed on the mantel to enlarge the space.

A soothing master bathroom

Rigate Design ** After: ** In one of the chalet's new bathrooms, located upstairs, the sandstone color in the bathtub and floor area creates a soothing atmosphere, ideal for relaxation. The vanity unit and its storage without handles are very practical while the mirror placed over the entire length of the cabinet significantly enlarges the room. We only have one desire: never to get out of the bath!

A Zen bathroom

Rigate Design ** After: ** In this other bathroom, the anthracite gray contrasts nicely with the white elements such as the curtains, the heated towel rack or the drawers of the cabinet located under the sink. Again the mirror and lighting allow to visually enlarge the room.

A chalet-style bedroom

Rigate Design ** After: ** Finally, in the master bedroom, it is a chalet style perfectly in keeping with the rest of the exterior and the dominating residence. The wooden headboard and the solid parquet floor give a rustic chic look to the room. For more comfort, the bedspread and the bed set adorn the sleeping area. We love the trendy wicker storage basket. For more information, visit the Rigate Design website.