The chic small appliance, the darling of our kitchens

The chic small appliance, the darling of our kitchens

Does storing small appliances on the work surface seem unsightly? It depends ! Some devices are as beautiful and chic as they are practical…

Chic as a kettle

Brandt ### Who can resist a tea party between friends in front of this adorable ultra feminine kettle? We fall in love with its purple lacquered complexion and its pretty curves which are unanimous on the worktop.

Chic as an espresso machine

KitchenAid ### A little coffee? To finish the meal in style, the KitchenAid espresso machine has made a makeover by putting on a little black dress and adorning itself with voluptuous curves. In terms of work, it makes all the difference.

Chic as an espresso machine

Kenwood ### Another favorite of a very chic espresso machine: the Kenwood black silver model whose imposing size proudly presides over the kitchen bar.

Chic like a robot on a blue base

KitchenAid ### Another model of choice in the range of KitchenAid stand robots, this time in electric blue. A color that will not fail to electrify the prestigious mood of the kitchen…

Chic as an oven

Kenwood ### To those who believe the ovens of unattractive small spaces, here is proof to the contrary. A mini oven signed Kenwood, worthy of the chefs that you are at home, both by its performance and by its absolutely design look.

Chic like a robot on a white base

KitchenAid ### Can we really qualify the KitchenAid robot on a white base, more classic than models with flashy colors? Not sure. He may be more discreet, his rounded lines and his retro chic design is not ready to give up his place as leader.

Chic as a smoothie maker

Kenwood ### With this Kenwood appliance, you can not only cook tasty smoothies all summer long, but also give your work plan a boost. After all, there is no reason to hide small appliances when they are cute like this.

Chic as a multi-function robot

Kenwood ### Dressed in a metal color from top to bottom, with a voluminous stainless steel bowl and clean lines, this Kenwood robot is definitely not content to promise excellent culinary preparations. Elegance first, in all circumstances.

Chic as a blender

Kenwood ### Blenders are rarely up to par when it comes to aesthetics, okay. But this is not the case with this one. With its stainless steel base and black cover, it seems to be on the way to chic attitude.