Before / After: Create a long outdoor space

Before / After: Create a long outdoor space

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This renovation project was carried out around the edge of a house. The strip of land around the residence has been redesigned to accommodate paths and plants in order to make the best use of this narrow strip. The main entrance of the building has become more welcoming and much more modern. Landscape designer Pascale Helfer of Eden Design tells us step by step about her project. ** Area: ** 100 m² ** Budget: ** € 3,500 including tax for the exterior fittings

A warm entrance

Eden Design ** After: ** The entrance to the house has been completely redesigned. Paths have been created and patches of lawn have been planted, as have plants on the long strip that borders the residence. Access to the interior is therefore easier and the view from the street is much prettier.

A geometric garden

Eden Design ** After: ** The owners wanted to have an easy access and maintenance entrance so they could go around the house without getting their feet dirty. A wider path therefore leads to the front door while the lawn is on the sides to better define the spaces. To increase this effect, the driveway is bordered by a massif which allows the whole to break the corridor effect of the garden.

Choose low vegetation

Eden Design ** After: ** To give a chic look to the outdoor space, gravel and shrubs form a beautiful symmetry. The plants of small size and different proportions are perfect for not packing the garden.

A long strip in front of the house

Eden Design ** After: ** In order to facilitate access to the outside and to the garden, a long strip was built in tiles, which were wedged with concrete on the sides so as not to use an unsightly edging. A gravel shaped bottom was then added. The floor tiles are in the same tones as the house paint.

Clever paths

Eden Design ** After: ** Generally, beyond the practical and accessible aspect, the creation of a path allows you to direct your gaze towards certain parts of the garden. Here, the green space seems to be enlarged thanks to the path that blends into the decor. Grasses, gravel and decorative rocks - taken from a quarry in the region - frame this alley while the sowing grass highlights the rest of the exterior landscaping.

Diverse vegetation

Eden Design ** After: ** The plants were chosen in different shapes to create contrasts that enliven the garden. We thus find boxwood in a ball - one of the favorite plants of the owners - but also taller plants and upright grasses.

Demarcate the beds and the lawn

Eden Design ** After: ** The landscaper opted for a tip: put clean paving stones flush with the lawn. This offers a nice finish while keeping the gravel in the beds without them ending up on the lawn. Among the plants, blue fescues stand out against the house yellow.

Think about the evolution of the garden over the seasons

Eden Design ** After: ** From one season to another, the garden evolves and this obviously had to be taken into account in the renovation of this outdoor space. One of the difficulties of the site was not to make a too flat concrete shimming in order to prevent the edge of the aisles from drying out in summer, due to lack of soil.

Easy maintenance

Eden Design ** After: ** The gravel placed on a mulching cloth allows to enhance the plants, but also to limit watering and weeding when the owners had just asked for an easy maintenance. For more information, visit the Eden Design website:


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