I want a bright kitchen!

I want a bright kitchen!

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In the kitchen, having a good light is appreciable. And beyond the openings that will bring natural light, there are tips to make your kitchen brighter. Demonstration in pictures.

Clear colors

Darty If you do not want a total white look, still prefer light colors like different shades of beige. The kitchen will then take on a very soft appearance and the light will be optimized.

Wood and white in the kitchen

Schmidt If you want wood for your kitchen, then bet on white walls to reduce the dark appearance of the walls. White will reflect light; the brightness will be optimal.

White pop version

Fly To create light while giving the kitchen a pop style, choose white furniture and walls but add a very colorful touch. You can bet on an orange cupboard or chairs in a pop color and it's all done!

White and blue

Cuisinella In the same idea, you can add a touch of color in a white kitchen to enhance it without losing light. Here, blue goes particularly well with white.

White and green

Ikea For a natural atmosphere, add green cupboards to your kitchen and color part of the central island. The idea is to leave the majority of the room in a white color so that it reflects light as much as possible.

Colorful walls

Lapeyre Note that you can also invert the colors and paint the kitchen walls in one color while the furniture is white. The kitchen remains bright while being more decorative.

Dark walls

Maisons du monde Besides, you can also paint the kitchen walls in a dark color as long as you keep enough white elements to illuminate the room. Here, the kitchen furniture and the dining area are white to contrast with the dark gray of the walls.

Black and lighter furniture

Darty If you want a touch of black, you can also choose this color for some cupboards. The others will then be of a much lighter color to keep the brightness.

A black kitchen

Fly Finally, if you value black kitchen furniture, bet on contrasts by opting for white walls and floors. And so that the black still reflects the light, prefer lacquered furniture.


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