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Visit an unusual garden: the fairy cabinet

Visit an unusual garden: the fairy cabinet

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Among the many gardens presented at the Salon Jardins, Jardin, "Le cabinet des fées" in Capsel caught our attention with its poetry and harmony. Presentation of this garden where everything is only beauty and dreams.

Dreamlike sculptures

D'home Productions ### In this unusual garden, it's not only the vegetation that creates the decor! In the rest of the visit, you will meet spooky creatures that populate the basin bordering the main aisle. These are real sculptures that resemble forest animals whose heads are in the clouds. What surprise!

A green cabinet

D'home Productions ### In the heart of the garden, Capsel revisits the grove by proposing a small hut with a green roof to integrate perfectly into the garden. Inside, a comfortable sofa has been arranged so that you can settle in and have the most beautiful dreams in the world.

Unusual creatures

D'home Productions ### Along the refreshing pool, small creatures emerge from the mist to create a mysterious universe. Among the fantastic animals, small frogs inhabit the garden and help create the mist.

A poetic garden

D'home Productions ### On the other side of the alley, the poetic garden takes place. It is a kind of clearing invaded by an interlacing of plants that distil touches of joyful colors. The distribution of plants takes on the appearance of a magic vegetable patch where roundness reigns.