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10 tips to sting at home staging

10 tips to sting at home staging

If home staging is used to enhance your property in order to sell it better, you can also use this technique to make your interior more pleasant. Here are 10 tips to sting at home staging to make your home a real home sweet home.

Give a function to spaces


Even if you live in an open space where several activities coexist, it is important that each part of the room has a function. You can thus define the dining area of ​​the living area using a carpet or a different paint color.

Choose neutral colors


In the rooms where you spend the most time, prefer a fairly neutral paint color to which you can easily adapt all styles of decoration. So no risk of being bored and you can change the decoration more regularly without committing to work.

A functional kitchen


To make your kitchen practical, make sure it has enough storage space but also a work surface. The kitchen must be functional to avoid wasting time in the kitchen.

A neat bathroom

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To get the most out of your bathroom, take care of the details! Take care of your joints, do not leave the products lying around and determine a space for bathrobes and towels.

Storage space

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If you don't have room to create a dressing room, don't neglect the storage spaces! Indeed, you can install shelves on the walls or offer yourself large cabinets in order to have enough storage space available.

A decorated entrance


You should know that the entrance will give your guests their first impression on the house. Also, consider adding a decorative touch to it so that your friends feel at home at the landing.

An optimized garage

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Having a garage is a real asset for a house because not only can you park the car there but it will also serve as storage space. Do not hesitate to arrange it to store without clutter.

A manicured garden

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To give a good image of your home, the garden is also taken into account. So, do not neglect to mow the lawn or prune the bushes to make the most of the beauty of your garden.

A furnished balcony


If you have a balcony, even a small one, do not hesitate to arrange it to make the most of it. Sometimes a few plants and a lounge chair are enough to create a pleasant atmosphere.