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When the armchairs replace the living room sofa

When the armchairs replace the living room sofa

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When you think of the living room, you immediately imagine a very comfortable sofa. However, it is not the only seat of this room and one can easily do without it in favor of equally welcoming armchairs. Discover 10 lounges that give pride of place to armchairs.

Different armchairs

Ikea As the trend is for mismatched chairs in the dining room, we can also have fun using different chairs for the living room. Mix colors and shapes to create a very convivial space.

An XXL armchair for a small space

Ikea If your stay is not very large, it is sometimes difficult to install a sofa there. Prefer a fairly wide armchair which will be a good compromise because it will take up less space but will be just as comfortable.

Armchairs by the fireplace

Ikea To curl up by the fireplace, nothing like a soft, enveloping armchair. Again, the chairs will be easier to manipulate to turn to TV for example.

A chaise longue armchair

Ikea Still as an alternative to the sofa, you can opt for a chaise longue, more spacious than an armchair. You can also choose an armchair with a footrest for optimal comfort.

Armchairs for the whole family

Maisons du Monde Know that you will find armchairs that correspond to each member of the family. Thus, children can have a miniature version of the parents' chair.

Armchairs for a trendy atmosphere

Maisons du Monde If you want a slightly less conventional living room, prefer armchairs to the traditional sofa. With these club armchairs, you will bring originality to your room to make it a very trendy space.

Armchairs for all atmospheres

La Redoute Armchairs are available in many styles! You can thus create a very decorative atmosphere by installing several of them in your living room as here to create a seaside style.

Armchairs to structure the space

La Redoute The armchairs will allow you to really architect your living room. They will delimit the space and create a more intimate corner than with a traditional sofa.

Armchairs for a less busy atmosphere

La Redoute Depending on your room and the type of furniture you own, the sofa can really add to the space. Also, do not hesitate to choose several armchairs to disperse in the room rather than a single sofa.


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