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10 useful accessories in a small space

10 useful accessories in a small space

Small spaces also have the right to their decor and their useful items. We choose accessories that are well thought out by the designers to save space and create a very personal atmosphere!

A designer lamp

Ikéa In order not to run out of light in our studio, we play with it and we add lamps in every corner: one on the desk to work, a ceiling lamp to receive, a bedside lamp to read… We choose them carefully so as not to not have to hide them, on the contrary!

Original frames

Ikéa You slip into one or more frames photos of your friends, postcards, reproductions of works of art… You hang everything on the wall to create a personalized atmosphere in your small home.

Ready-to-install mirrors

Ikea To give an impression of space, specialists know nothing better than lots of light and mirrors. On the floor or hanging on the walls you can play with sizes and styles, and its reflection: a full-length mirror for dressing, a smaller one in the bathroom, above the sink ...

Useful hangers

Ikéa In a small closet or a semblance of a wardrobe, we act effectively with this type of hanger where we hang several pants without losing space.

Decorative shelves

Ikéa If you are lucky enough to have a high ceiling height, take the opportunity to arrange some original shelves. You can place your work files, a few books, a lamp ... Invisible or decorative, they fulfill their function: to save space and store in a simple way.

Stackable stools

Ikéa For the most welcoming hosts, with friends or family, 4 or 15, we always need to seat our guests. Foldable chairs or stools that stack up, they can be discreet the rest of the time, to reappear when you need them.

Color boxes

Maison du monde To place on a shelf, or place on the floor, you no longer hide your storage boxes. Covered with fabrics, or metal, we choose all sizes for an original atmosphere. Superimposed on each other, they can also serve as a table or seat.

Decorative candles

Maison du monde During a romantic dinner, or to decorate a table, we place a few lighted candles to set the tone. Scented or natural, white or colored, there is something for everyone. They succeed in the challenge of warming the atmosphere on all occasions.

Floor cushions

Maison du monde Welcoming and comfortable, they invite your guests to let go and have a good time with you. Choose warm colors that make you want to stay to remake the world with friends.