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10 beautiful master bedrooms to inspire you

10 beautiful master bedrooms to inspire you

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In a family home, the parents' room must be a real cocoon where you meet to benefit from a little peace and privacy. Also, the master bedroom is a bit like an outbuilding of the house that you want practical and comfortable. To inspire you, discover 10 very decorative rooms.

A library in the room

Purpose As the master bedroom is your space where it will be pleasant to relax, do not hesitate to install your centers of interest in this room. If you like reading, put your library in your room, for example.

Several spaces in the room

Ikea The master bedroom can benefit from several spaces in the same room. You can thus create a corner dedicated to the dressing room, another to sleep and a last to relax.

A TV lounge in the bedroom

Ikea If you like watching television, why not install a "cinema" corner in your bedroom, making sure to separate it from the sleeping area so as not to interfere with your sleep.

A cozy bedroom

Ikea The master bedroom can also accommodate your children for soft Sunday mornings. Also, consider adding a small sofa and cushions so that the children can share a moment with you.

A desk in the room

Purpose If you need to work in a quiet environment but cannot afford to set up your office in a separate room, put it in the bedroom. Move it away from the bed and delimit the spaces with a carpet for example.

A relaxation area

Fly To rest without going to bed, you can take advantage of the master bedroom to install a relaxation chair ideal for reading a book or reading to your child.

A dressing room in the bedroom

Fly If you have a recess in your bedroom or a small adjoining room, then you can install a dressing room. You will then have a space dedicated to storage to make your life easier.

A bubble of relaxation

Conforama The master bedroom is an opportunity to let yourself go to your tastes. Also, you can choose a decorative style that you do not want for the family living room. How about an exotic atmosphere to travel by pushing the door of this room?

A bathroom space

Purpose To be truly independent in your room, also think that it is possible to install a bathroom area. Some will choose a bathtub and others will simply prefer a sink.