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10 ideas for recycling gift wrapping paper after Christmas

10 ideas for recycling gift wrapping paper after Christmas

For Christmas, you have made all your gift packages, and carefully chose the pretty paper that surrounds them. What a shame to see him go in the trash then! So why not get it back? has just found you 10 ideas of activities to do yourself, easy and stylish, to recycle gift wrap. You just have to try to moderate the ardor of your children when opening the packages (good luck!).

Recycled gift paper envelopes

Zü You must have, as a child, made your own envelopes to write to a friend or family member. Growing up, we sometimes lose a little of our creative madness! Take advantage of having all these pretty festive and colorful gift papers to make envelopes for the next occasions (birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, etc.). Remember to surprise others again: you will surprise yourself!

A small decorative garland in recycled paper

Lime Citron Creating pretty paper garlands to decorate your tree, a wall, or put on top of a bed is easier than you think! Your gift wrap being very colorful, they are perfect for doing this little manual work. If you have a hole punch to make large rounds, this is also the time to use it. You will only have to perforate the paper and then glue the different circles thus formed on tape. To have a two-sided effect, consider sticking them two by two, and back to back. And if you don't have a hole punch, use a shape that is easier to reproduce on your paper and cut out properly (triangles for example!).

Line a shelf with recycled gift paper

In a small village Gift wrap is becoming more and more stylish and pretty, as much to display it! They will dress in a very original way a wooden wine case for example, used as a shelf on a wall. And they can skillfully transform themselves into dollhouse decor, for example. A valid tip for a shelf, a drawer bottom, a staircase, etc.

Decorations for your future cakes with your recycled gift paper

Filou et coquinette In English, this is called a cake topper: a pretty decoration, like a mini garland or banner that hangs between two peaks (those on wooden skewers for example) and sublimates your cake! For a birthday, a wedding or a baptism, this little extra decorative touch is always very appreciated by the guests. Cut diamonds in your paper (make a template so that they are all the same size and the result is prettier). Fold them in half, glue the inside and hang them on a piece of wool or fine rope, on horseback. Attach the wire to the two peaks and voila: here is a pretty banner! Feel free to also write a message on it for birthdays.

Cover boxes with recycled gift wrap

Tika With pretty gift wrap to recycle and glue varnish, you can cover all kinds of boxes: old boxes that are a little damaged, or look a bit outdated. Or simply create them with all kinds of boxes: cereal boxes thus become storage folders for your papers, tea boxes transform into paper clip storage, boxes of pasta in pencil holder ... Not only is it ecological , but in addition you gain storage!

Rosettes made from recycled gift paper

Lucette and Suzette It's a classic of paper creations: rosettes. But what a beautiful decorative touch, ideal for a large white wall! And then it's a very easy DIY, with children in particular. So it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it. If you still have a few gifts to make, create mini rosettes to decorate your gift wrap with an original touch, instead of the traditional ribbon!

A papier mache unicorn trophy

Me I do We often use newspaper to make papier-mâché but for this very original tutorial, why not mix the two by also reusing your gift paper, to give a colorful decorative touch? If you do not want to embark on an overly complicated DIY, you will also find many ideas on the Internet for making papier mache objects: from bowl to small jewelry, choose an activity that makes you want!

Recycled gift paper coasters

Ikea Here is a very simple tutorial, but with a result that always has its small effect! Take your sheet of gift wrap, fold it over several times to arrive at a strip 1 cm wide. Make about 25 per coaster (if you don't have enough gift wrap, magazine sheets are perfect too!). Then glue on the inside each strip before rolling it on itself like a snail. By the time the glue takes, you can use a clothespin to hold the coaster. And There you go ! Easy, right?

The origami star garland

Winter mom Of course, when we talk about paper, it's hard not to talk about origami! You can do so many origami things: windmills, the entire animal bestiary (rabbit, fox, butterflies, wolf, deer, etc.), garlands of hanging cranes ... From the moment you leave a sheet in square format, you can do everything! Here a nice DIY to make a garland of mini-stars: too cute!