Everything to partition terraces and gardens

Everything to partition terraces and gardens

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Nothing like being away from prying eyes to enjoy the terrace or balcony, being able to read, sunbathe and have lunch without worrying about the neighborhood. Fortunately, there are many solutions to isolate this outdoor space! Here is a small illustrated list.

With an imitation grass partition

Castorama Another possibility to protect yourself from outside view without distorting the green landscape: a wall imitating the lawn! We are thus surrounded by green, even on the sides!

With PVC roller

Castorama Around an outdoor swimming pool, a roll of black PVC creates an opaque partition preventing curious eyes from intruding into the garden.

With bamboo

Castorama Thanks to their dense foliage and their rapid growth, bamboos are a solution of choice for partitioning the outdoors naturally.

With a very natural wooden panel

Castorama The wooden panels play the "natural" card thanks to imposing planters. The partition is thus more in harmony with the vegetable spirit of the garden.

With natural canisses

Castorama To accentuate the nature of the outdoor space, natural canisses come here to delimit the terrace in style.

With plants

Castorama Insulating the terrace with green plants is easy. It is enough to align them wisely along its border, favoring tall plants.

With wooden panels

Castorama Here, light gray colored wooden panels transform the terrace into a wellness area for a well-deserved break.

With a wooden panel

Leroy Merlin For those who find the look of wooden panels too strict in the garden, here is a tip to make it more graceful: create thanks to them, a little nook to place a romantic bench there…

With a natural green breeze view

Leroy Merlin Nothing better to delimit your garden space than a dark green net which will be drowned later by vegetation. Retained by a metal grid, it goes almost unnoticed.

With an artificial hedge without ties

Leroy Merlin This hedge in false branches, allows a total concealment while keeping a natural aspect.

With 3 in 1 protection

Leroy Merlin This protection is perfect because it is 3 in 1: it makes a blind, wind shield and UV filter. In addition, its color blends with the decor of the garden. What more ?

With a covered glass partition

Lumon The partition differs and adapts, whether the style is modern or rustic, whether you live by the sea or in the mountains. To have a real panoramic view and make the most of the landscape, we opt for this type of transparent partitions.

With a natural partition

Leroy Merlin Of a bright natural yellow, this partition will be perfect for our lunches on the terrace on sunny days. Recalling the wheat fields in summer, it immerses us in a friendly atmosphere.

With a discreet partition

Natural and light in color, this straight pine trellis adorns the terrace while defining it.

With a "louver effect" partition

Leroy Merlin This double "louver" panel is in harmony with the garden furniture in natural wood and gives a chic effect to the outdoor space.

With wooden planks

Leroy Merlin A huge terrace requires a partition just like the small ones. Here the separation with the neighbors was made with wooden planks cut of different heights to give a less linear side.

With a mini balcony partition

Ikea To make the most of the light and the sun on her little balcony, we wanted to hide the grille as little as possible. Some planters have only been hung.

With an invisible glass partition

Lumon Having lunch indoors on an enclosed terrace is now possible thanks to this very chic invisible bay window!

With a customizable screen

Piméo What if you personalize your screen? Configuration, color, decoration, type of fixing: create a separate panel that looks like you. You too can design your screen. 2 customizable screens are up for grabs: play by clicking here!