A small seat for the entrance

A small seat for the entrance

To put on your shoes or put on your coat, daily or occasionally, vintage or contemporary, the editorial staff has selected 10 small seats for the entrance, and there is something for everyone. Or how to arrange the entrance in an original way.

A chic seat

Alinéa We find in this model two of the codes of the theater, but also of the Cannes festival, namely the red color and the velvet touch. Chic version for this pouffe that is placed near the front door.

A bench seat

Ikea For large families or blended families, we sit the whole tribe on this bench which saves space with storage for shoes below. Associated with a few bins fixed to the wall, each to his own, again we save time in the morning and avoid business problems that we do not find ...

A chest seat

Ikea Space saving guaranteed with this toy chest that can be moved from the child's bedroom to the entrance. A practical tote, its flat surface also allows you to sit there to put on your shoes or put your coat on when you get home in the evening.

A colored seat

Ikéa The entrance is a room in the house that is too often overlooked in terms of decoration. However, it is the first and the last thing that one sees when crossing the door, and it is said that it is the first and last impressions that remain engraved the longest in human memory. So at work, we put colors and decor to have fun as with this colorful bench!

An industrial base

Maison du monde For a New York loft-style decor, we don't hesitate, and we love a stool in aged metal. Add a cushion for more comfort, a touch of color, and voila!

A leather seat

Maison du monde Here, there is a British atmosphere with a small leather seat. The decor opts for a vintage atmosphere expertly highlighted by the patinated leather and the imposing feet.

Foldable seat

Maison du monde It has the advantage of not taking up space. In a small space, for studios or two rooms for example, it is folded when not in use, but open it can also be used to receive some friends.

A natural seat

Zara To instill a feeling of serenity in your apartment from the entrance, we choose a small seat with visible wooden feet and a light fabric. Here the raw appearance of the wood accentuates this effect and calls for calm.

A decorative seat

Zara For a changing entry, we don't hesitate to play the game thoroughly. On a wall, for example, we install a patterned wallpaper, a few plants, baskets ... and of course on a small seat, like this wooden bench that resembles those used by French schoolchildren.