DIY wedding: 30 place cards to make

DIY wedding: 30 place cards to make

The countdown has started, in a few weeks your wedding will take place and you still haven't found THE place marker that will enhance your party table! Do not panic ! Natural, eco-friendly or gourmet place-holder, discover our 30 ideas to make this event the happiest day of your life.


Wedding notebook - Kate Osborne

A pretty natural and refreshing idea: the place marker pebbles. Surrounded by immaculate paper, a delicate little branch and retained with a wire or customized with a pen, they are all good! Do not hesitate to mix colors and sizes for more whimsy. * Source: Wedding notebook & Oncewed *

Flower power

Martha Stewart - Q Weddings Photography

Do you like small homemade paper things? The origami flower place card is the model for you! Thin paper in the colors you like, patience and a good dose of attention to detail, that's all you will need to make these cute flowers. * Source: Martha Stewart & Zankyou *

The origami place card

Engaged and Inspired

Everyone remembers those folds of paper that were so successful at school. Here they are brought up to date at the time of the wedding. Many models to download are available on the internet if you decide to get started. Once your model has been chosen, all you have to do is select a paper and choose the typography and graphics of the model to personalize it. * Source: Engaged and Inspired *

A gourmet place card

Comfort creature

To create an atmosphere full of fantasy on your wedding day goes through many details that will make the difference. Also, we thought for the occasion to offer you this funny, fun and very gourmet place card. A folded paper in the shape of a cone, a colored ball on a peak and voila! * Source: Creature comforts *

Marine atmosphere

Nifty thrifty thing

Seaside decoration takes on a new meaning with this origami place card in the shape of a boat. So if you are skilled with your hands, do not hesitate to let yourself be tempted! * Source: Nifty thrifty thing *

A windmill place card

Project Wedding

This place origami mark is certainly not the easiest to make and is aimed at people who already have good knowledge of the subject. If you want to make this tutorial you know what you have to do! Go for it quickly on the Project Wedding blog. * Source: Project Wedding *


Lavender Calligraphy

You have a creative soul and love painting above all, here is an idea for a place card that should enchant you: the easel place card. Small desks, cardboard paper of the size and shape of your choice and a pen, these are the materials needed to make this beautiful creation. * Source: Etsy *

An edible place card

Your home your garden - Party decoration

We almost want to linger on the scent of this lemon and then jump on this beautiful red apple. Take care, however, they are actually edible place cards customized with a pen! Ingenious, right? * Source: Your home, your garden & Party decor *

A fun place card

Brides magazine - Helen Lisk Photography

Does the scrabble place card tell you? The idea is simple, probably a little offbeat, but also we had to dare to think about it. Sober and classic, it remains elegant. So if you too have cracked, you know what you have to do. * Source: Buzzfeed & Southwest marquee hire *

Wooden washers as place cards

By opting for a theme focused on nature, you can easily create original place cards at a lower cost. You just need to collect wooden slices and write the name of each of your guests. * Source: Rustic Wedding Chic *

Nature atmosphere

Martha Stewart - Sylvie2500

Mini budget, maximum effect for these two ideas made from small wooden branches. On the left, two wooden branches surround a pine branch and a cardboard box with the guest's first name written on it and on the right a few branches are joined together using wires. Two cool ideas for an authentic, rustic wedding or a natural atmosphere. * Source: Anderson and Grant & Sylvie2500 *

A potted place card

Cameron Ingalls - She Wanders

Otherwise, if you have a green thumb you can always opt for this original place card made with a green plant accompanied by its cardboard paper. Suspended using a wire or using a stick, it's up to you! * Source: Wedding chicks & Ruffled *

Glass globe version

Pat Furey Photography - Martha Stewart

And to bring a touch of originality to its place card, do not hesitate to cover it with a glass like a globe. An interesting idea to adopt urgently! * Source: Wedding chicks & The Martha Stewart blog *

An authentic and natural place card

The apple and the pipe

Want to follow the custom of the Nordic countries with minimalist place cards? It's simple and in addition, it does not require a lot of effort and very little material! A folded cardboard sheet, a pine branch or another of your choice, and voila! Then you just have to write the name of your guests. We want more! * Source: Etsy *

A placeholder clothespin


If you only have a short time to make your place cards, go to the simplest with this idea easy to carry out and inexpensive. You just have to write the name of your guests on a clothespin and then hang it on a glass. A real breeze. And, for more fantasy, you also think of painting them in different colors. * Source: Etsy *

Glitter clothespins

Something turquoise

And, for more fantasy, also consider painting them in different colors or customizing them with colored glitter. Clothespins, strong glue and glitter ... and that's the job! * Source: Something turquoise *

Delicate flowers

Chatelaine - Instants papier

Desperately looking for original and personalized ideas for your country wedding? Why not start by betting on flower-shaped place cards? If you are an expert in cutting, then this DIY is for you. Let's go, roll up your sleeves. * Source: Chatelaine & Instants papier *

Pine cones place cards

Camille styles

Painted in pink, these pine cones diverted into place cards easily bring a modern touch to any rustic table decor. An idea to remember! * Source: Camille styles *

A sparkling place card

Sonya Khegay - Ciao Newport Beach

It is well known, gold and silver, are popular in holiday periods. But do you know that these two colors can also bring a magical touch to your wedding. Here is the example with this traditional pine cone which has become a sophisticated place-mark. * Sources: Wedding chicks & Ciao Newport Beach *

An apple diverted as a placeholder

C. Birdy Photography

Apples diverted into original place cards or the art of resourcefulness with ease. Topped with sheet-cut paper, they appear on the wedding table to bring a nice note of freshness. Red, green, yellow… the choice is yours. * Source: Rustic wedding chic *

The place spoon

Elizabeth Anne designs - Jet Fete

Here is a smart DIY that will surely appeal to the most DIYers among you. First step: using a hammer, crush the hollow of the spoon. Then, engrave the name of the person and finally, using a pen, redraw each of the letters. * Source: Elizabeth Anne designs *

A very practical fork

The apple and the pipe

Instead of using your cutlery as a place card, the idea here is to use it as a support to accommodate your boxes. Once these have been cut, create a heart using a hole punch and then write the name of your guest. * Source: Etsy *


Karas Vineyard Wedding

Ah the bottle caps! Often it is unclear whether to throw them away or keep them. Here is a ready-made solution to integrate them into your recycled wedding decor. A floral composition produced by you, a cork to support it and accompanied by a card ... and here is an adorable place card perfect for a romantic or country wedding. * Source: Etsy *

A biscuit place card

Meline factory

Irresistible object of temptation, loved by all, the small butters invite themselves on the table for the holidays and transform themselves into gourmet place cards with childish charm. Personalized in the name of the guest, each guest will be able to revel in this pretty delicacy! * Source: A Little Market *

Tie and Dye

Design for mankind

The Tie and Dye trend has not finished making headlines. We find it here on this very faded place card design. Want to make it, start by delicately chopping the top of a wooden cube so that it can accommodate a card. Then, we immerse the cube in a basin of ink of color of your choice. And finally, we write the name of the guest on the card that we have on the cube. Simply sublime! * Source: Design for mankind *

Paper place cards

Hoopla Love

The countdown has started and you have still not found the place cards of your dreams, we are offering you these elegant and chic models available in the color of your choice. It would be a shame not to be tempted. * Source: Etsy *

An unusual place card

Fellow fellow

Who said plasticine was a game for children? Certainly not us. Cardboard, plasticine and a little imagination ... and you are in possession of a nice, original and unique place card. * Source: Fellow fellow *

A place spool of thread

Hilton Pittman Photography

The spools of thread of our grandmothers rediscover a second youth with this idea of ​​place card with a retro twist. Do you want to integrate them into your vintage-style table decor? Start by cutting circles out of white paper and beige paper. Then superimpose the smaller white paper on the beige and write the name of your guest. Then glue a stick on each of the rounds and place them on the spools of thread. * Source: Wedding chicks *

A graphic placeholder

Mr handsomeface

You don't need to get started with a complicated place marker if you don't have a creative soul or if you are not very skilled with your hands. Instead, turn to a classic place card found in the trade that you will simply customize using pens and markers. * Source: Mr handsomeface *