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Pretty cushions all over the house

Pretty cushions all over the house

Question of comfort or decoration, probably a little of both, we all fall for pretty cushions to place everywhere in the house. In the living room, we slip them on the sofa or the armchair, but also in the entry, in the bedroom, the corridor… Sober or original, they enliven the room and give taste to the decoration.

A cushion in shades

Alinéa The cushion adds a decorative touch. You can then play with the nuances and shades of your room, like here where gray and beige combine skillfully with brown or green.

Pillows by the dozen

Greno In the garden or children's room, you can imagine mountains of cushions for fun without taking risks: we build fortresses and castles, we sit on them, we make them fly ... Children have plenty of imagination, and will know how to use it!

A colored cushion

Ikéa If everyone does not dare a large sofa with orange tiles, we can catch up with colored cushions. If after a few months you get tired, nothing could be simpler than changing the cover of the said cushion. We then change style for just a few euros.

A poverty cushion

La Redoute We all have an old chair that has been hanging around for a few months, which no one wants to get rid of, due to lack of time or money. The editorial staff offers you an almost miracle solution without having to change it: a large plaid and a pretty cushion will do the trick… at least until you decide to change it.

A floor cushion

Maison du monde Still in XXL version, we put it on the ground and install some friends there, who are not afraid of not being able to get up. It warms the atmosphere and can quickly give a feeling of conviviality in a somewhat cold interior.

An oriental cushion

Maison du monde An oriental, marine, contemporary or even vintage cushion ... whatever the case, the cushions can be a real continuity in your interior decoration. Choose them carefully to highlight your home decor choices.

A funny cushion

Urban Outfitters We play the humor card with a mustache cushion in the bedroom. To each his half. They are also found in the shape of animals, with prints, texts ... Cushions for fun!

A patterned cushion

Zara If you are a fan of patterns, play the game to the end by choosing original pillowcases offset by their patterns: arabesques, repetitive, minimalist, spotted…

A vintage cushion

Zara Aesthetically, this cushion gives a vintage and somewhat countryside touch that will not displease those who lack nature. A homecoming in itself, all with a cushion cut from burlap.