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A table as an alternative to the central island

A table as an alternative to the central island

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If you are not lucky enough to have a central island in your kitchen, you can also opt for a table that will serve as a worktop. This simple tip will make cooking more practical and friendly. Demonstration.

A table in the same style

Aim Always so that the table settles in the best in your kitchen, choose a model that meets the style of your furniture. So try to be as close as possible in terms of material and shape as if the table were part of the rest of the furniture.

A table as a separation

Purpose Be aware that you can also place the table to close the kitchen space in relation to the living room or dining room. The table will then be an eccentric but equally practical worktop.

An original shaped table

Purpose The advantage when you choose a table for your kitchen is that you will find many models in very different shapes. So, you could hardly afford a round island, but you will be able to choose a more user-friendly round table.

A table to structure the kitchen

Goal If your kitchen runs against a wall, the table will allow you to structure it better and give it a certain volume. Do not hesitate to place the table in the center to make it the centerpiece of the kitchen where everyone will meet.

A practical table

Aim To make the table as practical as possible, choose a good size that will allow you to carry out several actions. Then, place it close enough to the oven and the water point to avoid numerous displacements.

A table for dressing

Maisons du monde Choosing a table in the kitchen will allow you to benefit from a significant additional space. You will then be able to place your dishes for the service but also carry out the dressing of your plates with more ease.

A decorative table

Fly Consider making your table a real decorative asset by integrating it into the kitchen as well as possible. Here, the table chairs meet the kitchen furniture for a very playful style.

A table for meals

Fly Finally, just as it is possible to eat around the kitchen island, you can of course sit at the table to enjoy your meals in a convivial atmosphere.