We love the tiles in the kitchen!

We love the tiles in the kitchen!

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In the kitchen, tiling is an ideal asset both in aesthetic and practical terms. So to make you want to adopt it, we have listed 10 good reasons to love the tiles in this room.

Play the color card

Ikea The advantage of tiling is that there are many finishes that will allow you to personalize your kitchen. It is an excellent solution to bring color into this room thanks to the wall tiles in the sideboard or even on the floor.

Demarcate space

Ikea If your kitchen is open to the dining room or living room, the tiling can help you define the spaces. Here, the wall tiles frame the kitchen and make it possible to materialize the space it occupies.

Unify the room

Aviva Conversely, tiling can also allow you to unify two spaces when the kitchen is open to the living room. By choosing a single tile, you will make the link between the two rooms of the house.

Play the card of originality

Ikea Tiling can truly allow you to create an original kitchen by the color, patterns and shape of the tiles. Here, the black tiles play with small tiles like mosaics and others of larger size.

Lighten the room

Mobalpa With the tiling, you can without hesitation opt for a white floor which will brighten the room because the tiling is very easy to clean and will resist well to the attacks of the kitchen.

Create a composition

Castorama Whether on the floor or on the walls, tiling can allow you to create original compositions. We then choose different models of tiles that we combine as here to create a kind of carpet.

Imitate other coatings

Castorama If you are looking for the practicality of tiling while wanting the cachet of wood, know that tiling is a real chameleon and that it can also imitate parquet or other coverings with character.

Expand the space

Lapeyre With the tiling, you can play on the visual effects and enlarge the space of your kitchen, this often narrow room. It will suffice for this to choose XXL tiles that will visually give breadth to the kitchen.

Play with textures

Aviva Finally, be aware that tiling is an asset due to the richness of its finishes. In the kitchen, it can offer you a rough finish as well as a smooth and shiny surface.