10 tips to change the decor of the living room on a small budget

10 tips to change the decor of the living room on a small budget

It's official, the decor of your living room no longer really suits you. Do you want to do it all over again? Yes, but without breaking the bank. That's good, gives you all the advice to change the decoration of your living room with a small budget. Here are our 10 tips to give your room a facelift.

An accumulation of cushions to shake up the decor

Beneath The Sun It may be time to revive the decor of your good old soft sofa. The trick? Invite cushions with tangy prints in your living room. Dare a nice mix of bright colors and graphic patterns to add relief to your room. What change the decor of your living room without breaking the bank and enjoy even more comfort on the sofa. Be careful, you may have trouble getting out of this sofa!

DIY: customize your armchairs in the blink of an eye

Sugar and Cloth This pretty cozy armchair seen in a magazine would be perfect for changing the decor of your living room but the price makes you hesitate? Don't think about it, there are other solutions to modernize your interior. Get started in customization for example. You just need one or two cans of paint, then have fun choosing a few patterns and you're good to go. Ingenious. Learn more about this customization

Mirror, my beautiful mirror

Maison du Monde Sometimes, all it takes is a simple decorative accessory to revamp a room. Let's talk about mirrors for example, they are perfect for the living room. These little wonders will not only enlarge the room, bring a dose of light, but they will especially give cachet to your decor. Accentuate the contrast with tapestries with plant motifs. A nice way to rejuvenate the decor of the living room without spending too much or throwing everything away.

Transform storage furniture

Ikea Brighten up the living room decor and give your storage furniture a little makeover with color. Shelves, TV stand or bookcases: customize your old furniture with pop paint and add, for example, contemporary fabric or metal baskets in empty lockers. Guaranteed effect with a small budget.

An arty wall decoration to add relief

Ikea We often tend to forget it, but a creative wall decoration is a nice tip to change the decor of the living room. Arty deco frames, wall pictures, prints ... Have fun playing with styles, sizes and colors. Result? A modern living room that relives in just a few minutes.

Dare to mix pop prints in the living room

Ikea To boost the decor of the living room with originality, we will have to dare. Tapestries with retro prints, colorful furniture, tangy curtains, graphic carpets or solid colors… Don't hesitate to force the mixtures. Appearances are often misleading, you may be pleasantly surprised. This tip is particularly suitable for refined interiors or living rooms with furniture mainly in light wood.

Cozy hygge blankets

Ikea It sometimes takes little to revamp the decoration of the living room. To rejuvenate everything and obtain a cozy living space in a hygge style, one watchword: comfort. Bet on some ultra soft plaids and imitation animal skins. All in a palette of neutral tones, conducive to rest. The decoration of your living room will then be given a second lease of life and only with two or three cozy accessories. Not bad is not it ?

Dress the living room floor with a modern carpet

Ikea The final touch to rejuvenate the decor of the living room: the graphic carpet. Whatever the style of your living room, the express trick to give it a little facelift is often the addition of a printed carpet to bring relief. Opt for a vintage or mottled piece at a low price.

Stickers for an original decoration

MT Casa To modernize the decoration of your living room, there is no need to change all your furniture. Have you ever thought about using masking tape? On a wall, on the ceiling or on your furniture, this colored adhesive paper is literally magic. Plus: it is easy to apply and peel off, so you can still change your mind in a few months!