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20 ideas to make a coffee table with pallets

20 ideas to make a coffee table with pallets

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With a glass top

DIY and Crafts Ideas

To add a practical side to your pallet coffee table, attach a large glass tray cut to the right size. * Source: DIY and Crafts Ideas *

Blond wood

Silje Vaniljeis

To make this coffee table, start by choosing a new blond wooden palette. Assemble the boards to create a storage space, then attach the wheels to the four corners. Ideal for a very soft atmosphere. * Source: Silje Vaniljeis *

An original tray

The Budget Decorator

What we like about this coffee table made out of pallets is the tray imagined like a Hungarian point parquet. To achieve this, you will need a little patience and especially a jigsaw to cut each board nicely. * Source: The Budget Decorator *

A pallet on wheels


After retrieving an old pallet, pinch it and apply a stain to protect it. Then you just have to screw the wheels. Easy, right? * Source: Hubpages *

A triple coffee table


Do you like this coffee table? Attach three pallets stacked on top of each other beforehand, then add rollers so that you can move it easily. * Source: Roomed *

With colorful feet

1001 Pallets

To give a touch of originality to your pallet coffee table, stick legs with a baroque look that you will have previously bulged in a flashy color. * Source: 1001 Pallets *

Seaside spirit

To give a seaside spirit to your palette, paint it in an immaculate white and add casters if necessary. * Source: *

A square coffee table

Pallet Furniture DIY

If you want to make this coffee table, start by cutting 24 small boards of the same size so as to create the tray. Then screw the 4 feet and voila! * Source: Pallet Furniture DIY *

An artist's tray


If you have the soul of an artist, attach your pallet boards to create a unique decor. A great idea for those who have a bit of a handyman soul. * Source: Instructables *

With a concrete tray


To add an extra industrial touch to your coffee table, create a tray using a piece of gray and raw concrete. The result is going to delight with this sofa in heather gray fabric. * Source: StyleRoom *

A pallet with drawers


To give a little cachet to your coffee table made with a palette, add two drawers painted in a flashy color like here in purple! Practical, aesthetic, it has everything! * Source: Svenngaarden *

A coffee table like a cube


To create this coffee table, attach your pallet boards to create a crate. Go back there, paint it white and add some casters. A true country chic spirit as we like! * Source: Lushome *

A pallet in height

1001 Pallets

After adding planks to create a full tray on your pallet, simply attach four thin, aerial metal feet. So your reclaimed coffee table seems to float in the air. * Source: 1001 Pallets *

Boat on water


After repainting your palette in navy blue and fixing the four casters underneath, make drawers with a few remaining boards. For the handles, use rope. * Source: A Little Market *

Union Jack on the table


To give a little British look to your living room, customize your coffee table by painting the famous English flag on it. Use masking tape to avoid overflowing and wait until each color is dry before starting the next. * Source: Instructables *

Feet and wheel under the pallet

Workshop 159

We are fans of this pallet coffee table with a 100% industrial look. After having fixed 4 large boards between them add on one side two metal feet and on the other a large wheel to facilitate your movement. * Source: Atelier 159 *

Small and practical

Manuel Andreolli

If the size of the pallet seems too large, this is not a problem. Give it a new structure by reattaching the different boards in your own way. * Source: Manuel Andreolli *

Like a little bridge


To make this coffee table from a pallet, dismantle the boards one by one and then fix them on a wooden frame next to each other so as to create a small bridge. * Source: Etsy *

With painted boards


Are you afraid of the raw wood side of the pallet coffee table? Be aware that by painting one board on two of the tray, you can offer it a very different style. Here in orange, she throws! * Source: Etsy *