Life-changing accessories to keep your kitchen tidy

Life-changing accessories to keep your kitchen tidy

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Small or large, the kitchen is the living space par excellence of our interior. Pots, jars, spatulas and other utensils are easily piled up in this sanctuary of gastronomy. But no matter the square meters, there is no shortage of tips for gaining centimeters and storing with skill! Focus on a selection of 10 accessories to facilitate the daily life of the little chef in you…

A wall tip for a tidy kitchen

Ikea Security and space saving: this is the winning duo of this wall installation. On the program, a simple metal bar fixed to the wall to magnetize the kitchen knives. Easy access for adults, they are now out of reach for the little ones!

The stack for efficient storage

Aliexpress We avoid the embarrassment of storage in Neapolitan slices to move towards a simple and effective tip: instead of piling up pans and dishes, installing a sorter offers direct access to the chosen utensil. Thin and light, this accessory usually used to classify our files is reinvented here, and allows the presentation of our small dishes without taking up space.

Divide to rule better in the kitchen

Wenko Another suitable option for dividing the space of your cupboards without changing the interior: removable lockers. Perfect companions, they are easily installed and moved to allow you to obtain optimum storage in every corner of your cupboards.

I display the dishes If the sorter option works wonderfully with our various cooking utensils, the dishes also deserve their accessories to be stored efficiently. Placed vertically, the plates are presented in their best light to offer an access that combines the useful with the pleasant thanks to this aesthetic storage.

Coffee break

Tavolaswiss Notice to coffee lovers: the capsules are now hidden discreetly in a cupboard door. Thanks to the addition of a flat dispenser, the coffee takes place in front of the cups and bowls: everything is close at hand!

A bin always available

Leroy Merlin Often spread on the ground after a frenzied cooking session, the peelings and other food waste are now sorted directly with the addition, wherever you want, of a removable bin. Practical, it is installed on a repositionable support to take place anywhere (on a drawer for example), in order to slip near the work surface with ease.

Nobody moves !

Leroy Merlin The kitchen drawers are often the place for all meetings: between cutlery, corkscrew or scissors, all utensils find their place there to be accessible when needed. But more discreet than the traditional compartments, the adhesive mat is just as practical. Its singular material prevents crowd movements in your drawers and protects them from possible scratches. An ideal option to put it in order in a few minutes!

Tidy up in the cupboards

Twenga / Aliexpress To store the numerous covers that stack and take up space, nothing like a hanging bar to store them. We fix it on the inside of a closet door and voila!


WinChef Always in a space saving spirit, spices are staged in the corners of the kitchen to spice up the space. Nothing is easier than fixing under the cupboards to store them above the worktop. There are motorized carousels like those offered by the company WinChef: it is now impossible to waste time looking for basil!