High-end tiling for dream floors

High-end tiling for dream floors

Reconstituted stone is an ideal material for the development of housing and the living environment. Extracted from French quarries, the stone is crushed then mixed with binders, before being molded. Reconciling innovation, durability and aesthetics, reconstructed stone paving is perfect for creating dream floors.

Blue sapphire

Marlux Blue Saphyr tiles are ideal for surrounding a swimming pool in a modern atmosphere.

Wood Blade

Marlux These stone slabs perfectly imitate the wooden slats of a terrace. To be mistaken, the maintenance less.


Pierra At Pierra Châtelaine tiles for interiors worthy of a queen.

Cluny tiles

Marlux Offering many decorative solutions, the reconstituted stone is particularly suitable for making slabs and paving for the development of terraces and aisles, aesthetic and easy to implement such as Cluny paving.


Carré d'Arc Refined atmosphere and southern colors with Castellane de Carré d'Arc.

Slate Paving

Pierra Slabs and coping slabs from Pierra for high-end pools!

Collegial atmosphere

GIE Reconstituted stones The very large slabs give the impression of space around a swimming pool.


GIE Reconstructed stones To create personalized exterior layouts or to delimit the surroundings of a swimming pool, the pavements guarantee original and harmonious arrangements.