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10 wall decorations for the living room that change classic paintings

10 wall decorations for the living room that change classic paintings

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Reproductions of Rembrandt or Degas in the living room, it imposes, we admit it. But in terms of blowing a breath of fresh air and bringing a touch of modernity, we will come back. However, there are alternatives to classical paintings or wisely framed photographs. Here are 10 creative ideas to appropriate and reproduce for a living room full of personality, from floor to ceiling ... through the walls.

Collect designs

Nouf in Wonderland Taking up the idea of ​​the accumulation of classic paintings that we sometimes find in large living rooms or imposing staircases, this blogging mother has put in place her child's drawings. She did not neglect any detail since she imagined two signs "sense of visit" and "Louis Retrospective 2012-2015". Inspiration here

Make a wooden wall structure

Moukita A little imagination and the wall can be a great means of expression. With diverted ice cream sticks, this creative blogger imagined a geometrically shaped wall structure. It immediately brings character to the room by dressing the walls in a very unique way. DIY here

Imagine a wall of baskets

MLC You don't know what to do with these flat wicker or rattan baskets and baskets lying around the bottom of your cellar? If you are lucky enough to have a large unoccupied wall, take advantage of it! The accumulation of baskets will create a nice play of volumes while bringing an authentic and natural touch to your living room decoration. Inspiration here

Create a wall weaving

My decorative notebook This is the big trend of the moment and it is not surprising. Wall weaving is an economical creation that allows you to dress a wall by bringing it a natural and warm touch. As its color depends on the wool used, it can adapt to the nuances of your living room decoration. In writing, we like affordable DIY, even for novices, like this one! DIY here

Use masking tape

Say plain or printed wave, the masking-tape is a bit worthy successor of the frame under glass, almost become obsolete. We use it and therefore abuse it, even in the living room, by mixing photos with posters, postcards or even pages torn from magazines. The idea: create a living and vibrant wall, modular according to our desires! Inspiration here

Create from paper

Glitter and chocolates To dress your wall without necessarily melting the entire living room decoration budget, you sometimes have to worry! Here, from simple Canson sheets and double-sided tape, a flight of butterflies. Find the template necessary for this tutorial directly online or imagine, in turn, paper creations to decorate your wall. Everything is allowed ! DIY here

Make an array of pompoms

Sugar and Cloth At the editorial office, we love pompoms which allow us to imagine a host of creations without having a Bac + 7 in manual work. To vary the paintings, we have what you need: an army of pompoms glued to a wooden tray. DIY here

Create a garland of photos

Homey oh my Another idea that is easy to put into practice but that changes everything! A garland of photos, decorated with blades of grass for a little vegetal note, and your walls are transformed. Do not hesitate to replace the photos regularly. DIY here

Decorate and hang plates

François and I Like the baskets, plates are invited on the walls. When they are upside down, they surprise as much as they seduce. Just hang them using a ring to stick behind the plate with extra strong glue. You can hunt for old plates or customize them like here, thanks to a stencil. DIY here


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