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Discover 10 creations from the editor ENO

Discover 10 creations from the editor ENO

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The editor ENO, whose acronym means "Edition of New Objects", offers everyday objects reviewed and corrected by talented designers. Lamps, bookcases, kitchen utensils ... stir and shake up conventions to free up a bit of poetry in the house. Discover 10 emblematic pieces from this publisher, which focuses more on timelessness than fashion effects.

Gold door stopper or paperweight

ENO Arik Levy, always, likes to divert. Here, he delivers an original version of the doorstop or paperweight, giving it the shape and color of a gold bar.

Fruit Basket

ENO The designer Douglas Legg revisits the traditional fruit basket thanks to the braided bamboo and this aerial and harmonious shape.

Bread cutting board

ENO The designer Frédéric Ruyant innovates by proposing a practical object to cut bread perfectly. Straight or bias cut, the choice is yours!

Get out table lamp

ENO To be placed on the floor or on a piece of furniture, in the children's room or the entrance, this dog-shaped lamp with its luminous muzzle was imagined by the duo of designers Clothilde & Julien.

Quake module

ENO Without nails or screws, it is enough to mount this shelf to superimpose the modules. Graphic and original, it gives the illusion that the library is leaning.

Clothes Rack Coat Racks

ENO You have surely noticed it in magazines, this accessory between the punching ball and a bunch of balloons hangs on the wall or on the ceiling and revisits the coat rack in an original way.

Zigzag cutlery holder

ENO Paola Navone takes inspiration from pastry making to offer a set of cutlery holders in porcelain, beautifully pleated like cake pans. Retained by a simple rubber elastic in red, it gives an offbeat touch to the kitchen.

Favorite Things pendant light

ENO This amazing pendant light allows you to stage your favorite objects, while pleasantly lighting up the room that accommodates it. Both fun and stylish, it adds a dose of fantasy to the home.


ENO Perfect for small spaces, the Book Stool gives a second life to your favorite magazines. You make your own stool by surrounding the magazines with a nylon strap provided for this purpose.


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