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10 easy dishes to take to the office

10 easy dishes to take to the office

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Taking your lunch to the office is a great idea for several reasons: you eat healthier and more balanced, you save… and envy! Above all, you eat more diverse than the traditional sandwich from the bakery next door ... In short, nothing beats home-made. Gourmet salads, vegetable soups, wraps and tortillas ... gives you 10 ideas for dishes that are easy to take to the office!

A salad for lunch at the office

Lucie Leroux - The Cook Time A salad is the easiest thing to prepare: you can capitalize on what you have in the fridge! Starchy salad to last all day (pasta, rice ...) or legumes, raw salad, vegetarian or not! It becomes easy to indulge yourself for a healthy and full office lunch, as with this gourmet salad with tomatoes and feta. The advice of: reserve the sauce separately until the last moment so as not to “cook” the salad! Source

An easy wrap recipe to take to the office

Valérie Orsoni Wrap is one of the most obvious dishes when you want to bring your lunch to work: it is quickly prepared, and it is very easy to transport! You can play it super healthy recipe for lunch, in vegetarian version, with tofu (like here) or more delicious with chicken and avocado… It's up to you! But the wrap is practical and guaranteed 100% without cutlery. Source

A soup for the lunch break at the office

Anne-Laure - Hello Darling If you have the possibility of easily reheating your meal at the office, consider making a little soup with your seasonal vegetables! In winter it heats up, and in summer you can serve it with a small salad, or make yourself a gazpacho! Take it to the office in a thermos or like Bonjour Darling, in a nice jam jar. Just prepare it the day before and you can probably have it for several meals (remember to freeze!). Source

The bento, for a full office lunch

Audrey Bourdin - Audrey Cuisine The bento is ideal for a healthy, fun and colorful lunch break: you can prepare several dishes on weekends that you can eat as often as you like in your bentos during the week: salads, starchy foods, fruit ... This is not are no shortage of recipes on the Internet. We complete with yogurt or compote. Smart, practical and often economical. Source

Tortillas for your midday meal

Pear and Cactus Tortillas are a Spanish specialty made from potatoes and eggs. Complete, this lunch meal will allow you to last all afternoon without being hungry. Remember to accompany it with a small salad and a fruit to balance it! The good idea of ​​Pear and Cactus? Individual portions like cupcakes, easy to transport! Source

A balanced homemade sandwich

Marion uncovered Quit eating a sandwich, as much as it is homemade, with seasonal ingredients, and without adding fat. This avoids the avalanche of very rich mayonnaise and we try to play the balance card, while having fun! Like this beautiful Marion recipe: a cereal bread, goat cheese, egg, avocado and a few cashews for the crunch! It appetites, right? Source

A healthy and delicious “bowl” for your lunch

Jenna's Bistro A bowl is the name given to a deep plate (or bowl) filled with vegetables, cereals, legumes (lentils, chickpeas) and proteins. Arranged harmoniously on the plate, these foods create an explosion of colors that definitely make you hungry. It's the new salad, but more filling and consistent. This is at least Jenna's promise on her blog Le Bistro de Jenna. Source

Take away dumplings at work

Aurélie Desgages Dumplings are a dish we love because it reminds us of our childhood. In tomato sauce with pasta or more elaborate (with fish, chicken and vegetables, beef), roasted or even with turkey and Madras curry, as Cooking Lili offers! There is something for every taste ! And whether you are serving them with vegetables or starchy foods, the dumplings are easy to carry in a lunch box. Source

A recipe for pasta to reheat

Eve Minireyve Whether it's the leftovers from your meal from the previous day, or a good recipe concocted expressly for your meal, think fast, certainly, but also balanced! If you make a beautiful pasta dish, so that the preparation goes quickly, we recommend the “One pot pasta” method! Just put all the ingredients at the same time in the pan and let it cook. It's magic, delicious and even the priestess of the Martha Stewart kitchen does it! Source


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