Ripolin presents its new collection of paintings "Petits Bonheurs"

Ripolin presents its new collection of paintings "Petits Bonheurs"

Imagined in partnership with the prospective agency Nelly Rodi, "Petits Bonheurs" de Ripolin is organized into four collections: Morning coffee, Sweet break, Culinary workshop and Urban stride. On the menu: 52 shades inspired by simple moments in life when you feel good. Presentation.

Light gray for industrial kitchen

Ripolin In an industrial style kitchen, the choice of colors is quickly made! The light gray with brown accents strikes a pose on one of the walls and blends perfectly with old red bricks and black furniture.

Enhance an entry

Ripolin So that your entry does not resemble that of all the others, dare this pastel blue satin which will have the advantage of highlighting your works in black and white.

Spicy red

Ripolin Give a little spice to your kitchen by painting one of the walls in a bright red. It looks great alongside white metro tiles and mouse gray furniture.

Sparkling white on the walls

Ripolin If you have opted for a kitchen where pastel shades have fun with furniture, we advise you to adopt a sparkling white on the wall which will sublimate everything.

Powder pink in the dining room

Ripolin Want to bring tenderness into your dining room? Nothing could be simpler with this sparkling powdery pink which gives the whole a most romantic result.

Sky blue in the children's room

Ripolin Children's bedrooms need softness. This pastel blue is therefore ideal for creating a universe for them.

Bitumen in the room

Ripolin It's daring and yet the result is really great! With this bitumen gray, which we imagine more in industrial settings, this room full of charm is sublimated.

Urban atmosphere

Ripolin To stick to the urban atmosphere that you wanted to give to your living room, pay attention to the choice of color that you will put on the walls. The safe bet remains, without hesitation, this gray turning purple.

A natural room

Ripolin In this room, the choice quickly fell on natural colors to accompany white and refined furniture. A sparkling mole at the head of the bed, a lighter version on the other walls, and voila!