Chez Rémi: a concentrate of vintage in 40m²

Chez Rémi: a concentrate of vintage in 40m²

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Rémi, the owner of this small two-room apartment of 40m² in the Paris suburbs, had an obsession when he renovated his apartment: especially not to have white walls! To successfully decorate all the walls of his home, he rhymed decoration with accumulation and thus created a real concentrate of design and vintage decor.

Decorate with a wall of frames

Fabienne Delafraye Creating a wall of frames can be used to dress a wall but also to give a touch of originality to its decoration. For that, mismatch the frames, play on their size and vary the framed elements!

A graphic wallpaper to delimit the space

Fabienne Delafraye In the living room, a graphic wallpaper is used to define the seating area. The very seventies motif brings a vintage style to the room.

The decor tip: the hanging bike

Fabienne Delafraye The puzzle of small spaces? The bike. Rather than leaving it in the hallway, Rémi decided to make his beautiful vintage bike an integral part of the living room decoration. To transform his bike into a work of art, he simply hung it above his sofa with two small Ikea bars.

The mottled armchair or the charm of the old

Fabienne Delafraye The mottled leather armchair is your best decorative friend for a vintage style. With its signs of wear, this chair takes us back a few decades directly.

Careful decoration down to the smallest detail

Fabienne Delafraye In the living room, the retro spirit also goes through the switches! Modern materials and vintage design combine to make these switches a real decorative accessory.

Create an office area in the living room

Fabienne Delafraye Using modular shelves, Rémi has created a small custom-made desk in his living room.

String shelves for a desk with a retro look

Fabienne Delafraye A great decorative classic, the String shelves allow you to create a vintage and designer look while adapting to our needs.

Design piece and natural materials in the kitchen

Fabienne Delafraye Like the living room, the kitchen adopts an assertive style. By mixing vintage pieces and design objects, Rémi has created a kitchen with an original and trendy look.

The formica table: the vintage piece of today's kitchens

Fabienne Delafraye Formerly in the kitchens of our parents and grandparents, the formica table has made a comeback in our contemporary interiors. For all those who want a vintage touch in their kitchen: adopt it!

Classic architecture and modern cuisine: the winning combination

Fabienne Delafraye The moldings on the ceiling, the decorative fireplace, the old wooden parquet floor… Everything that makes the charm of an old apartment is not always easy to combine with modern elements. To integrate contemporary cuisine into this classic interior, Rémi opted for sober and natural materials.

Mixing materials for a trendy kitchen

Fabienne Delafraye Choosing a sober kitchen does not necessarily mean cold. By playing on the mixture of materials such as wood and metal, this open kitchen becomes a warm space without forgetting to be trendy.

Decorate your kitchen with a copper splashback

Fabienne Delafraye Atypical and trendy tiles do not necessarily rhyme with big expenses! To decorate the walls of his kitchen, Rémi chose a pretty copper splashback at Castorama. With their honeycomb side, these tiles give a modern and original style to the room.

Green plants staged in the kitchen

Fabienne Delafraye To reconnect with nature when you live in the city, nothing beats pretty green plants. A few decorative accessories are enough for them to integrate naturally into our interior. Here, Rémi has imagined a small staging using a transparent bell.

Different floors for each room

Fabienne Delafraye Each floor has its own floor. In the living room, the parquet floor has been painted white to bring light to the room; in the bedroom, a newer parquet floor has been laid for a more natural and cozy atmosphere and in the hallway of the entrance, the tiles with a graphic pattern give a modern and chic style.

100% urban toilets

Fabienne Delafraye In this apartment, absolutely all the walls have been decorated ... even the walls of the toilets! Like the living room, originality is essential with this large fresco in the Paris metro atmosphere.

A natural spirit room

Fabienne Delafraye A headboard made of wallpaper is a good idea to give a real style to the sleeping area. With this forest motif on the wall, Rémi's bedroom adopts a chic and natural style.

Vintage wall lights

Fabienne Delafraye Rémi has chosen wall lamps with a retro look to recall the vintage spirit of the living room.

A room that plays on matter

Fabienne Delafraye For a natural atmosphere in the bedroom, you can play on the patterns, with floral or tropical wallpaper for example, and on materials, such as wood, adopted here by the wardrobe doors.

Chic and natural in the bathroom

Fabienne Delafraye The marble and white walls give the bathroom a chic feel. To avoid an overly cold atmosphere, Rémi arranged some carefully chosen green plants.